Plahotniuc asked for asylum in a country that “did not extradite to Russia”

Плахотнюк попросил убежища в стране, которая «никого не экстрадирует в Россию»

© SputnikFled from Russia oligarch and former Chairman of the local Democratic party (PLDM) Vladimir Plakhotnyuk filed a petition for granting political asylum in Ukraine. The mayor of the city of Balti, Renato usatyi said in comments to the Moldovan TV channel 8 on December 11.
Earlier, the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon said that he had information about the fact that plahotniuc is in the United States, where he hopes to obtain political asylum, not to be ekstrudirovannyy no back to Moldova or to Russia, where he is wanted.

“I asked some of the Ukrainian services, which means that Vlad plahotniuc obtains political asylum in Ukraine. It was explained to me that he is in the international wanted list for several open criminal cases in the Russian Federation and Ukraine is a state which does not extradite to Russia,” — said the Minister.

According to him, the request was made some time ago, but now plahotniuc’s not ready to leave the United States because it may lead to cancellation of the application for asylum on American soil. The mayor of Balti claims that a quick Moldovan oligarch living in a mansion in Miami that he promised to buy the owner-oligarch.

In June supporting Dodon’s Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc Acum United against Plahotniuc, accusing him of corruption and usurpation of power. But the Democrats refused to go into opposition, declared the new Parliament and Cabinet are illegal and organized demonstrations of his supporters, who blocked government buildings. However, once support for the new leadership provided by the EU, Russia and the United States were forced to cede power.

After escaping tycoon from the country of Moldova launched a number of investigations concerning its activities. In November he was arrested in absentia.

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