Planting grapes in spring, cuttings and seedlings

Planting grapes in the spring and expert advice.

Посадка винограду навесні живцями і саджанцями

Today, wine growers are doing around the world in all climatic conditions. Planting grape starts in the spring with seedlings. For their production using cuttings, acquired, or prepared in advance. To grow seedlings from cuttings is much cheaper than buying them ready on the market. Moreover, they often sell grafted seedlings, and care need a more thorough and complex, informs Rus.Media.

Rooting cuttings of grapes

Preparation of the cuttings is performed as follows:

  • Vine, which was kept in a cool place, must be removed and cut into cuttings with 3-4 eyes. The top cut should be at 1-2 cm above the eye. The bottom is cut oblique 1 cm from the eye. To remove remnants of the damaged cambium, the bottom cuts smooth with a knife.
  • Prepared planting material should be dipped in melted or boiled water for 24 hours. For feeding in water is added to the organic stimulants – 1 tablespoon of honey in a bucket of water.
  • After one day, the cuttings can be pull out and let them dry off for half an hour.

If used for planting a few varieties, the cuttings need to sign to further not to get confused.

Next is the preparation of containers for the cuttings. You can omit them in a transparent jar at the bottom where you put the wool of a few centimeters, which is poured cooled boiled water. To disinfect water add potassium permanganate making solution slightly pink, as well as 1-2 pieces of charcoal. This will prevent discoloration and deterioration of water.

Then shoots can be dipped in water and put on the windowsill. Further care of cuttings is to track the water level, which must always be the same.

In the case of evaporation of water, cotton wool, lined on the bottom of the container will not dry up for future seedlings.

Посадка винограду навесні живцями і саджанцями

It was noted that the active rooting of cuttings occurs at low water level at the boundary with air. Roots grow out of moist parts of the cambium, or more precisely, with nodes on the shoots. The thin layer of water provides the necessary aeration and the perfect cut between a node and the bottom cut – simultaneous passage of water and air in this part of the branch.

Some gardeners create hothouse conditions for future seedlings, putting the Bank in a transparent plastic package. This has its advantages: humidity is much higher, the cuttings will not need more moisture, and the kidneys are more likely to blossom. Such care will result in a successful and fast rooting of the shoots.

To rooting of shoots occurred much faster, the capacity put on a warm surface. For example, you can put cardboard or sheet metal on the radiator, and the top – a jar of cuttings.

The formation of complete seedlings

Посадка винограду навесні живцями і саджанцями

The scheme of formation of seedlings like this – first the buds, then there are first roots. It will take about 3 weeks. Still depends on the grade and quality of the cuttings, so the time of rooting may be different. Sometimes, the rooting starts after 1 or even 2 months.

If buds will produce shoots and roots and will not be, you must delete all the strongest branches, leaving only one. There should not regret the education Bush may start even with the smallest and weak branches. The first escape robs nutrients for future seedlings, cuttings quite often because of this and not root. On the formation of the root system will show the bumps of kalyus, which will later become the roots. Once they reach 1 cm in length, they can be planted in the open ground.

Landing in open ground

Plant the cuttings in a well-recommended lighting the sun the plot, where there is no wind and drafts. The grapes are planted near the walls of houses, fences, barns. Soil for planting should be well drained.

Planting of seedlings in sandy soil is in the trench. If the soil is loamy with shallow groundwater, plant the cuttings on ridges is recommended. After planting rooted shoots transamin way, grapes need competent care. The edges are established between them plastic containers with the bottom cut off. In the future it will be used to implement irrigation and fertilization. The growth of the Bush, after about 3-4 years, these devices can be removed. At this age the grapes himself will obtain the necessary moisture from the soil. It should be noted that the longer the roots, the better will the wine made from its berries.

Посадка винограду навесні живцями і саджанцями

Посадка винограду навесні живцями і саджанцями


  • Plant the cuttings in the open ground immediately after rooting is not necessary. In a cool climate the first year after planting experienced gardeners allow the plants to grow. They used to put grapes in a mobile capacity, for example in the bucket. In the fall of the bucket with the cuttings placed in a cool place, in a cellar or basement, and in spring are planted in the garden.
  • The place for planting cuttings need a good plan to make the bushes is well developed. It is very important to group varieties on purpose, because their landing has a different interval. Soko-wine varieties should be planted at a distance of 1 meter, table – 1.5 m from each other. Aisles is 2.5 meters.
  • For the correct calculation must take into account the growth of grape varieties. They should be grouped according to their resistance to frosts and ripening. In the future, such planning will greatly facilitate the care of seedlings. Less time will it take for the spraying of grapes and cover.

  • Grafted seedlings purchased from the nursery, it is recommended to plant almost horizontally, to avoid problems with aging vines. Next, they need to translate on their own root system.
  • It is worth remembering the fact that grape – culture, which has the property of polarity. Tie the vine to the support you need in a horizontal position. This facilitates common and proper growth of young branches. Vertical garter stimulates the growth of vines with the upper holes, while the lower eyes may never release anything. This process is very important good care, which ensures that the correct branch and the vine.

Caring for young grape – watering and pruning

In the first years after planting young grapes need frequent and abundant hydration. With the onset of autumn is a General watering for all classes. Before the grapes are should bloom in about 2 weeks its not water. Excess moisture can lead to the dropping of color. Besides, it slows the growth and ripening of fruits.

The procedure of irrigation for grapes is contraindicated. This will provoke the emergence of various diseases. Grapes are not very fond of moisture, the surface of the earth. Why experienced growers are installing irrigation pipes at the edge of the aisle, at a distance of 40 cm from the bushes. If possible, on landings you can do the visor.

Care of the grapes includes the annual circumcision, which should be carried out under mild conditions and in a timely manner. The simultaneous removal of all growth points can cause dormant buds on the shoots can be activated and go into growth. The potential of such a Bush dramatically weakens. Therefore, to pinch back the shoots and conduct chasing the top at the same time not worth it. It is also not recommended to remove the shoots completely, you need to leave 2-3 leaves on it.

Pruning grapes is a very important procedure. If it is not carried out, the berries will grow small, and the bushes become deformed.

Conduct pruning in the first year is strictly prohibited. During this period are subject to removal only not ripe of the green shoots. The first pruning is carried out in the third year of life. This should take into account the peculiarities of growing grapes in your region, temperature, soil, topography and the like.

Some gardeners take notes all of the procedures performed, as well as note, with which the buds begin to grow the fruit-bearing shoots. It really gives positive results and greatly facilitates the care of vines in the future.