Plants-killer! It is not necessary to grow them on the windowsill

You love to plant flowers on the windowsill?

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні

But did you know that some of them can carry a terrible danger to you or your loved ones? Ninesky plants can cause allergic reactions or isolate the poison. We’ll tell you what kind of plants. Read, perhaps among them there is one of your favorites, informs news, Ukrmedia.


Many believe that this sweet and beautiful plant is able to ward off bad dreams and fears. It’s a beautiful plant, but you shouldn’t forget about its poisonous properties. The most poisonous parts are the seeds and the roots of the plants, their SAP can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin.

So we urge you not to try this wonderful recipe, which is quite popular in folk medicine: to bury the juice of cyclamen from sinusitis. You can burn the mucosa, to obtain the jump in temperature, sore throat and shortness of breath. In the treatment of sinusitis, that’s not going to help.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


The fact that this plant cleans the air and improves its chemical composition, is difficult to argue. But you shouldn’t put her in the bedroom, and especially in the nursery. The juice contained in the stalk, very poisonous. When contact with skin it can cause burns, and if swallowed, it will surely provoke serious digestive disorders and breathing.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


This is one of the most insidious household plants. Even the modest dimensions of the plant contains in its cell SAP is greater than 120 alkaloids that adversely affect the human nervous system. Hallucinogens contained in cacti can cause paralysis of the nervous system, their action resembles the effect of LSD.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


This plant is in every second house, it is believed that it attracts in the house of wealth and success. Not for nothing called the money tree. It is necessary to be careful because the juice of the plant contains arsenic. The number, of course, is not so big, but pet, large eat houseplants, that will be quite enough to get poisoned.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


Hydrangea flowers filled with incredible appeal and even some magic, and all the other parts are poison. Touching the plant is safe, but if the body will get the juice of hydrangea, it can cause excessive sweating, stomach pain, itching, nausea, worsen blood circulation.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


Yes, it is such a useful and beautiful geranium can be dangerous. Geranium — an excellent antiseptic, helps to relieve stress, relieves pain in angina. However, the smell of geranium may provoke a severe attack of asthma and cause allergic reactions. Geranium is contraindicated for pregnant women, people with low blood sugar and children.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні


It is dangerous to keep at home and the popular “Christmas star” because its juice contains alkaloids. Neither the flowers nor the leaves themselves are not dangerous, dangerous is a whitish juice, like all plants of the genus Euphorbiaceae. So bright plant attracts children and pupils, and they are happy to take it in the mouth that can lead to unintended consequences.

Рослини-вбивці! Не треба вирощувати їх на підвіконні

These plants shouldn’t grow at home, no matter how beautiful they are. The beauty of it. Before to acquire some exotic plants, be sure to learn information about her to make sure she is safe.

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