Plast aims to officially penetrate into Ukrainian schools and kindergartens

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

The veto by President Zelensky on the law on budget financing of scout organization “Plast” (which at the same time the former government decided to call national, that means national and state), has generated a wave of indignation in nationalist circles. The President motivated the decision with the violation of several articles of the Constitution and sent the bill back for revision.

After that Zelensky began to push the nationalist oriented policy of the Uniates, freshly baked adherents of the “STSU”, the world Congress of Ukrainians, representatives of the Diaspora.

Former speaker of the Parliament Parubiy declares that the organization “has been prepared and has trained fighters for freedom of Ukraine and during the First world war, and during the Second world war. This is the same organization that is now synonymous with Ukrainians.” Add – with Ukrainians aggressive, for which Russia – “an everlasting enemy”.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

Parubiy and scouts

The user “Seam” thanked the MPs for the bill and proposed “to adopt the amendments to the law, withdrawing from it the rules on direct state financing.” In an official statement, “Reservoir” reported that “the most important law for us is the state recognition of the Ukrainian Plast (scout) movement and its contribution to obtaining and developing the independence of Ukraine… the Absence of direct state financial support will not stop the implementation of our plans and strategic objectives.”

The strategic goals for 2030, in particular, specifies that the “Formation” will be equally represented on the territory of Ukraine, 10% of school-age children will be members of “Plast”, at least 40% of young people will take the oath for the leaders and members will take an active part in various spheres of public-political life of the country.

Plast is positioning itself as non-political and non-denominational youth organization involved in the Patriotic education of Ukrainian youth on Christian principles. That’s just Christian morality and ideology of the Ukrainian nationalism does not have anything in common, and the education of youth in the spirit of Ukrainian nationalism as the basis for the work of this organization.

The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky on his page in Facebook leading symbolic photo where scouts are an honor guard at the grave of Vasyl Ivahiva, commander of the Ukrainian militia, which in July 1941, staged in Peremyshlyany pogrom: then they killed dozens of Jews and burned the synagogue. No hint of Christian morality there can not be traced.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

Scouts are an honor guard at the grave of Vasyl Ivahiva, staged a pogrom in Peremyshlyany

“Plast” was created in 2011 on the territory of Galicia in Lviv as a response to Ukrainian nationalists in the creation of the Polish scout organization of the scout. Galicia was at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but in fact was under the control of Poland. The founders of the “Plast” was the teacher of Alexander Tysovsky, son of John Peter Frank and the future of the UNR army Colonel Ivan Chmola. In addition to Galicia, “Plast” acted and Bukovina.

Many members of “Plast” fought during the First world war in the ranks of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, and then the scouts entered the UVO (Ukrainian military organization), later transformed into the UPA. Until 1930 “Reservoir” functioned legally, and then was banned by the Polish government and went underground. In the USSR the activity of “Plast” was discontinued.

It is the “Plast” became a smithy of shots of Ukrainian nationalists.

Members of the “Plast” was Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Most of the former scouts joined the ranks of Bandera and fought in the SS division “Galicia” on the side of Hitler against the Soviet Union. Six of the nine generals of the UPA and half of the officers of the nationalist organizations were the pupils of the “Reservoir”.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

Plastun Stepan Bandera

After the defeat of Hitler’s Nazism, the survivors, the scouts moved to Austria, Germany, Canada, USA, Argentina, Australia, where he created the new organization. In fact, the members of “Plast” abroad are the descendants of Bandera and the Ukrainians, who fought under the banner of the Third Reich in the composition of the formations of the SS (and others). Accordingly, they and was brought up in a spirit of hatred of the USSR and Russia. Alumni of this organization was the daughter of Symon Petliura, the son of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky, the son of Roman Shukhevych Yuri, a former member of Parliament, wife of Viktor Yushchenko Catherine Claire Chumachenko, the Finance Minister of the time of Yushchenko Roman Zvarych, the acting Minister of health, with Poroshenko Ulyana Suprun, cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, cardinal Lubomyr Husar, the economist Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk. The revival of “Plast” in Ukraine actively promoted neo-Nazi and former Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy.

The leadership of the Ukrainian “Reservoir” sets ambitious goals – first, tightly cover the movement of students and young people, and secondly, to promote its members in all bodies of the Ukrainian authorities. And it turns out.

Today members of “Plast” in Ukraine not so much – about 8.5 thousand, but the organization gradually developed, has the support of the Ukrainian government, many politicians, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) and the newly created “STSU” foreign Ukrainian Diaspora is actively promoted in the South-East, together with the Uniates. There are now 137 of the centers of “Formation” in 23 areas. The highest number of scouts – in Galicia and in the Rivne region.

The structure of the organization covers all age groups, membership in the “Plast” is life. Spud children start from a very early age. Members of the organization are divided into several age groups: Chicks – 5 to 7 years, beginners – 7 to 11 years, boys 11-17 years, older scouts – 18-35 years old and scouts-seniors – over the age of 35.

For the first time “Formation” has declared itself in Ukraine during the time of perestroika. In 1988, the Ukrainian nationalist Andriy Parubiy published in the Lviv newspaper “heritage” article about the revival of “layers”. And in 1989, was the first Plast camp in Galicia, among the main participants of which were children Uniates. In 1991, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked for five such camps, which were presented to hundreds of participants, mostly from Western Ukraine. The first camp fees scouts and all their activities took place according to the manuals received in 1990 from the canadian and American diasporas. In 2002 appeared the methodological developments of national figures “Reservoir”. The current Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine – Plast-Senor – Roman Vashchuk shared their memories about how in 1989-1990 he, as the second Secretary of the Embassy of Canada in Moscow, organized the departure of some activists of the Ukrainian nationalists in Canada and in the 90 years was in charge of the scouts during a visit to the city. Vashchuk is with great satisfaction that assesses the promotion of “layers” in the East of Ukraine and States that “any national scout organization should be able to cover a wide range of people of different worldviews and beliefs”.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

The canadian Ambassador – a person-the gentlemen – at the opening of the monument to the murderers of Jews

Plast attracts new members into its ranks a military uniform, different badges, chevrons, ties, badges. Children are interested in camp life in nature, Hiking to historical places. Although “Reservoir” and is not positioning itself as a military sports organization, but pays much attention to military training, the study of weapons, sports, training of rendering the first medical aid. The camp of “layers” into account a variety of interests: sports, military, marine, ski, horseback riding, climbing, creative, and other. Parents are attracted by the fact that children no longer go gallivanting and do under adult supervision. In addition, “Layer” takes care of all major expenses for the organization of camps and catering. Parents only need to buy a uniform for the leaders. The structure of the organization copies of the Cossack. Separate circles consisting of a few guys together in the hut, the scouts choose Smoking and Treasurer, and a few huts constitute the village, which coincides geographically with the area. To advance in the organization, scouts must go through several camps and to show myself in them. In between the camps the participants of the “Reservoir” to prepare lectures for other members of the organization. Trainers conduct for scouts of political information, where they talk about rewritten history of Ukraine, the heroism of the fighters of the UPA and the exploits of Bandera and Shukhevych. Although “Layer” is a nondenominational organization, every day in the camps begins and ends with prayer, and oversee the organization Uniates (for religious education is allowed and schismatics, under the supervision of the Uniates).

Naturally, after such varied treatment, the scouts are Russophobia and practice of Ukrainian nationalism.

The governing body of the “Reservoir” – the Regional headquarters of Plast (KPS). The head of the KPS now is Stanislaw Andreychuk. He was born and raised in Donetsk. Graduated from Donetsk national University, speciality – a historian, and later went to study at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in the capital engaged in the creation of the local organization “Plast”. In addition, as many leaders of the “Reservoir”, graduated from the Institute of leadership and management at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

The head of the Regional reservoir of officers of Ukraine now is Stanislaw Andreychuk

Most of the leaders of the Central wire “Reservoir” – these are young people who have received higher education and did not do anything in my life besides career in this organization.

“I want in “Plast” had 45,000 members – the top 1% of the Ukrainian youth. This is our dream,” says Stanislaw Andreychuk.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

The leadership of the Ukrainian “Reservoir”

The user “Seam” in vain cry the Blues and complain about the lack of attention and funding from the state. In 2008, President Yushchenko issued a decree “On measures to promote the development of Plast (scout) movement in Ukraine”. After the coup of 2014, the activities of this youth organization has been given much attention. In 2015, the Ministry of education issued order No. 641 at national-Patriotic education of children and youth, which explicitly stated: “to Establish formation centers in all cities and villages of Ukraine with the purpose of carrying out educational work among children and youth.” The permanent camp of “layers” there are in Zakarpattya, Ternopil, Lviv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk regions. In them, the scouts held their “schooled”. In 2018, “Plast” was received from the Ministry of youth and sports, 5 million hryvnia. In 2019, the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “On the Strategy of national-Patriotic education”. In the same year at the international Plast meeting “Jamboree” in the Rivne region with a budget of 1.2 million UAH.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

“Plast” in Kiev

The main sponsors of “layers” are the Ministry of youth and sports, to ensure in 2018, 44% of all cash receipts to the organization of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Canada, great Britain, the Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA and Canada, international Plast, the Ukrainian Catholic University, the UOC-KP and the UGCC, the Ukrainian Galician Assembly, the Ukrainian club “Kolo”, uniting businessmen and managers, as well as other organizations, companies and individuals. So the Ukrainian Plast does not poor.

«Пласт» ставит цель официально проникнуть в украинские школы и детские садики

Financing “Reservoir”

Annually Plast holds about 150 camps at various levels, from local to regional and international. Centre formation movement, “the Conference of Ukrainian Plast organizations” (KUPO) was established in 1954 and is based in new York. From there, all the national organizations do valuable guidance. Ukrainian Plast is in constant communication with similar organizations in USA, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic and other countries. Annually hosts international camps and trainings for young men and older scouts.

Given the broad support of the movement the Ukrainian government and international organizations, “Layer” may indeed become the most popular youth organization in Ukraine and to shape the consciousness of young citizens in the spirit of Russophobia. Pressure on President Zelensky will continue, because the “Seam” need to get to schools and kindergartens, to gain a foothold along with the Uniates in the entire territory of Ukraine. The state status of the desired “Layer” in order to make it official, on behalf of Ukraine.

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