Platform listening streaming: Club illico and reject the model of Disney+ and Apple TV+

Club illico and does not mimic that of not Disney and+ Apple+ TV by launching their original series at the rate of one episode per week.

This strategy of marketing, which use the new platforms for video-on-demand benefits only the financial interests of the american giants. The all, to the detriment of the consumer, we meet the main players here.

This news will reassure many. Since their arrival in great pomp in November, Disney+ and Apple TV+ challenge the established order by refusing to offer their series in one shot. They prefer to stretch the sauce by acting as a chain of conventional and present one episode per week, as evidenced by the outputs progressive Used, The Morning Show, The Mandalorian and High School Musical – The Series.

Listening in burst prioritized

Neither Club illico or not considering to revise its model to adopt, the one advocated by Disney+ and Apple TV+. “This is not an avenue that we explore, ensures Yan Paquet, vice-president strategy and international affairs of Quebecor’s Content. We always put the emphasis on listening in burst. This is what our customers are looking for. It is at the heart of our business model.”

Thus, the fifth – and final – season Like me will land on Club illico in full next week. The complicated life of Lea Olivier, (20 February) and My son (12 march) will follow shortly after. In HERE Extra, the 10 episodes that make up The House-Blue will be released at the same time on 13 February. The new series of François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard, It is like that that I love you, will be entitled to the same treatment at the beginning of march.

Retention of subscribers

The senior director of Christiane Asselin, is very critical of Disney+ and Apple TV+. “This is a decision that people who manage platforms. This is not a decision of people who want to please the customers.”

For Ms. Asselin, the new players prioritize the “retention of subscribers” above all else. In effect, by releasing an episode of Star Wars : The Mandalorian each Friday earlier this winter, Disney+ has pushed the fans of Yoda and company to pay more. Those who wanted to watch the series in full had to pay two months of subscription, while according to the model adopted by Netflix, Club illico and they might have been able to gobble up all eight episodes in a few days and cancel their subscription after a month.

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