Play modules at inflated prices in Terrebonne

Play modules at inflated prices in Terrebonne

Terrebonne taxpayers have paid an inflated price for years for play modules in parks because of bribes paid by a contractor, according to two witnesses at the trial of ex-mayor Jean-Marc Robitaille.

Two former employees of the firm Tessier Récréo-Parc, from Nicolet, came to tell yesterday how their boss, Richard Tessier, had organized to win most of the contracts for game modules in Terrebonne in the early 2000s.

Play modules at inflated prices in Terrebonne

Richard Tessier
Tessier Récréo-Parc

“We were going there“ full profits ”. […] It was the jackpot, honestly, said Michelle Dupuis. […] The City of Terrebonne, it is particular. “

As he was sure to win the bet, Tessier did not hesitate to boost prices and include expenses having nothing to do with the proposed work.

“I remember the opening of the new theater in Terrebonne. Richard had bought a table and it was expensive, and that too was included in the [cost of a] game module, ”Ms. Dupuis illustrated.

The profit margins were juicy, between 28 and 32%, according to the witness.

According to her, Richard Tessier was close to the former mayor of Terrebonne. They made friends with each other at golf tournaments and “red carpet” events.

The other witness, Annie Brassard, for her part indicated that Terrebonne was a “privileged” client who had to pay more.

5% of “rebates”

The entrepreneur Richard Tessier had set up a system of “rebates” under which he returned 5% of the value of the contracts obtained. It was not specified who exactly the money was being paid to.

Ms. Dupuis and Ms. Brassard testified yesterday at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse at the trial for corruption and breach of trust of the former mayor Robitaille.

“There was a particular marketing strategy […]. We added amounts that were to be given back, ”testified Michelle Dupuis.

Récréo-Parc was “specified” (qualified) in all bids. The requirements were sometimes so precise that Tessier was the only one who could get the contract, it was explained.

The start of the Charbonneau commission in 2012 turned things upside down. Richard Tessier would then have hastened to manually erase hidden costs recorded in the internal accounts of the company, testified yesterday the two former employees.

The former chief of staff of the mayor, Daniel Bélec, the former director general of the City, Luc Papillon, and the entrepreneur Normand Trudel are also accused in this case.

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