Play the cowboys?

Jouer aux cow-boys?

Andrew Scheer has not done in lace with respect to the blockade of the aboriginal people on the railways of the country. One could easily imagine it to lead the charge of the cavalry of the royal Canadian mounted police to hunt the “evil Indians” that were hampering the movement of trains.

Not sure that the majority of Canadians would not have supported rather than endure the indolence of the pacific Justin. But, it is far from sure that the load would have solved anything !

Complicated relationships

The bungling of the federal government has exacerbated the anxiety and impatience of Canadians, both in industry and among travelers.

The essential supplies are paralyzed, the exports stopped, and the travellers discouraged constituted of the elements, which in the eyes of many, justified the use of the method strong on the part of the authorities to restore order and peace.

This aggressiveness is reinforced by a sense that justice is not the same for Whites and Aboriginal people. Many citizens are convinced that any other pressure group would have been quickly kicked out and sued for damages.

When Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador is strengthening the blockade as a reminder to the normal order of the federal government by his own people and warns that resorting to a police intervention might escalate, he will be accused by many of showing arrogance. He adds as well, unintentionally, to their irritation, and their desire to suppress with force.

The open letter of the former chief of Pessamit, Raphaël Picard, also increases the excitement. He played in the insult by treating Mario Dumont of naive presenter lifting the self-pity around the effect of the blockade, oblivious to the systems of governance in First Nations. More alarming, the former chief predicted that the grievances and the direct actions will be extended to other areas.

The appeals for dialogue and the non-use of force remain the best ways to focus on, it would have to be either with all the protagonists ! However, the Trudeau government will not be able to stay ice much longer.

The next puzzle

Even with a return to calm in relation to the Coastal GasLink, the canadian prime minister is not at the end of his sentences. It still has the oil pipeline of Trans Mountain on the arms that he would pass it on to the aboriginal people in the great wave of reconciliation. In addition, his government must decide on the project Frontier, Teak Resource, for the exploitation of oil from oil sands in alberta and its export by who knows what means.

Torn between the wishes of the provinces of the West, who are not considering energy transition in the short term, and the rest of the country, fuelled less on the exploitation of fossil fuels, the prime minister must unravel a mystery worthy of the quadrature of the circle.

This mission almost impossible, could precipitate a general election in aggravating the fracture in canada.

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