Played-goalie: Ovechkin saved Dadonov from flying in the face of the washer

Сыграл по-вратарски: Овечкин спас Дадонова от летящей в лицо шайбы

Striker team Russia hockey Alexander Ovechkin was able to save teammate Evgeny Dadonov from flying in his face of the washer. The striker caught sports equipment, like a high-class goalkeeper. However, other players sitting on the bench, tried to Dodge it, reports “WORLD 24”.

Later, dadonov, commenting on the act of his partner, said “everyone was trying to Dodge, and he (Ovechkin) didn’t even budge.”

Meanwhile, in Twitter the hockey club SKA posted a picture of this episode. Under the said that the captain of the Washington capitals are completely ready to replace the first goalkeeper of the national team Andrey Vasilevsky.

We will remind, on the eve of the Russian team rink rode for the Italians, scoring the biggest victory in its history. A match of the group stage of the world championship held in Slovakia, ended with the score 10:0. Ovechkin scored one goal, dadonov scored twice.

The Russians lead the group, winning all four matches. The next match will be held on Saturday, may 18. The opponent – the national team of Latvia.