Players “Zenith” won the Cup on eternal storage

PHOTO : TASS / Mikhail Razuvaev


On the eve of the players of “Zenit” was awarded the medals of Champions of Russia. The club has won the fifth title, so the Cup is passed to him for eternal storage. The sports commentator of TV channel “MIR 24” Dmitry Kalugin told the details.

“Zenith” this time, said the championship is quite modest. But all the time. The main celebrations scheduled for the end of may.

Zenit St. Petersburg four years later returned itself a title of the strongest team of Russia. The Cup were handed to the team after the home match with CSKA.

In the status of the champion “Zenith” has won with the account 3:1. Well, after was and fireworks, and singing and champagne. To share a triumphant moment with the players at the stadium came to their family, and at some point children on the field was more than the players themselves. I am especially glad the championship Artem Dzyuba, because it is the first such title in his career, after three silver medals.

“It was not in vain. I remained myself. Have not betrayed your ideals. This year will forever remain in my memory. Even in this age going to tell so that it can’t be stopped”, – said the footballer.

CSKA caused a stir, and eventually became the most visited “Zenith” for the last 35 years. The game from the stands of “Gazprom Arena” was watched by 61 494 people. Despite such impressive figures, large-scale celebrations this evening to arrange did not become. Enchanting parade of Champions will take place in St. Petersburg on may 26.

But yesterday the ointment was the fly in the ointment. Scored again fans, for which a significant match without a fight to do just can not. Between fans “Zenith” and CSKA have been several mass clashes. One of them happened on Sunday night. On this fact criminal case, but the detainees are not reported. While certainly the match they understandably missed.