Pneumonia: Elton John can’t finish a concert in New Zealand

The famous british singer Elton John has been forced to interrupt a performance he gave in Auckland, New Zealand, due to pneumonia.

Strongly affected during her performance, the singer 72-year-old had to withdraw from the scene and put an end to his concert. The latter wished to apologise to his fans on Twitter and Instagram Sunday.

“I would like to thank all those who attended the concert tonight in Auckland. I received a diagnosis of walking pneumonia, a little earlier in the day, but I was determined to offer you the best show humanly possible. I played and sang my heart out until my voice could no longer sing,” he wrote Sunday.

“I’m disappointed, deeply upset and sorry. I’ve given everything. Thank you so much for your tremendous support and all the love that you have shown me. I am eternally grateful”, he added in his publication.

The type of pneumonia that affects the singer is a less severe, which does not normally require hospitalization and is treated with antibiotics.

Pneumonia is a severe lung infection that occurs when the alveoli of the lungs fill with fluid or pus.

This disease makes breathing more difficult.

Elton John is currently in what should be his last world tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road. He still had to occur on two occasions in Auckland, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The british artist continues to remain one of the singers who sold the most albums of all time, with 60 of his songs are on the list Hot 100 of Billboard.

A week ago, John and his partner, the author-composer Bernie Taupin, have won an Oscar for best song for Rocketman.

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