Poland is looking for a replacement of the Ukrainian zarobitchane in Africa

Польша ищет замену украинским заробитчанам в Африке

Ethiopia became the first African country to conclude with Poland an agreement on labor migration.

“In the near future in Poland will be temporarily employed by the first group of Ethiopians. This is a pilot group, and we look, will continued the project [of the importation of workers from Africa]”, – informed the Deputy mayor of Gdansk Cesarius Machalek.

The choice fell on Ethiopia is not accidental. This is one of the most Christianized countries in Africa and with high fertility. Words gdańsk official mark the imminent end of a non-competitive position of Ukrainian workers on the Polish labour market.

While Ukrainian migrants are the largest group of foreigners employed in Poland. They account for over 90% of the issued work permits. But there is a tendency to reduce the number of Ukrainian workers. In 2017-2018, their number reached 1.3 million, in 2019 – 900 thousand.

Ukrainian migration has a pendulum character. Migrants moving out every six months. In 2018 Ukrainian citizens issued 400 thousand permits for temporary stay in Poland of the total number of 683 thousand, that is every second or third. The percentage is a lot, but for the Polish economy this is not enough. In second place are the citizens of Belarus (125 thousand).

In 2017, the peak of Ukrainian migration to Poland, Warsaw was given to 21.7% of temporary residence permits to foreigners from outside the EU. This is the most in Europe. For comparison, Germany 17%, UK 16.4 per cent.

Polish entrepreneurs have concluded: demographic resources of Ukraine almost exhausted. Most of those who wanted to emigrate have already emigrated. The birth rate in Ukraine is low and does not make up for demographic losses. In the long term Ukraine is a priority direction of migration for Poland.

The labour market and the scale of wages in Poland for Ukrainians already well established and are not as attractive as before (the majority of workers receive the equivalent of 40-50 thousand Russian rubles per month, working physically 12 hours a day and practically seven days a week).

The majority of migrants pulled over other countries – Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. In the Czech Republic migrants from the Ukraine can count on a salary of €1000-1200 a month, but again, the shift lasts for 12 hours or more. The weekend almost never happens, and the process of recruitment more difficult than in Poland. Few who managed to catch up in Germany, Denmark, and Austria.

For a long time, Poland could boast a good pace of economic growth, but this year she is developing at 3.9%, and the lowest figure for the last three years.

For the first time in 2013 is projected to increase unemployment, if only slightly – from the current 3.6% to 4.1% in 2021. GDP growth will fall from 4.1% in 2019 to 3.1% in 2020. To preserve the desired rate of growth by 2025, the Polish economy needs 2.5 million migrants by 2050 – 5 million Where to get them, if I came from Ukraine only 900 thousand? Answer: in Asia and Africa.

To do this, the Polish delegation went to Ethiopia on an official visit for talks on attracting skilled workers. Then the delegation from Ethiopia has arrived for a return visit to Poland. The first work permits for citizens of Ethiopia began to issue in 2017 and continue until now.

Prior to this, work permits in Poland began to citizens of India (11 thousand in 2018), Vietnam (2.9 thousand), Nepal (4,15 thousand), Bangladesh (1.7 thousand), North Korea (1.5 thousand – the highest figure for ten years), as well as Indonesia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Malaysia, Albania, China, the Philippines.

The words of the Deputy of the Polish Sejm, leader of the National movement Robert Vinnitsa, “Ukrainians go after the Uzbeks, followed by Nepalese, Ethiopians and then all the other Nations of Asia and Africa”.

Earlier, the Polish authorities have simplified the procedure of employment for the citizens of Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova. As you can see, to facilitate the employment in Poland does not necessarily bonded to sign the Association agreement with the EU. Russia, Belarus, Armenia didn’t sign it, but their citizens have the right to work in Poland on a par with the Ukrainians.

Indirectly, the tolerance on the Polish labour market of migrants from Asian countries shows the growth of the Muslim population doubled in the country over the last four years. According to Eurostat, in 2017 from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to Poland went to work 3750 people, and in 2018 – already 7,5 thousand No country in the EU does not accept such a large number of migrants from Central Asia, Poland. Migration from Muslim countries to Poland have increased three times, and given the pending applications for employment – four times.

According to official estimates, without migrants, Poland’s GDP would be 10% lower. The project attracting migrants from Asia and Africa have a powerful lobby in the face of major Polish companies and corporations, as Asians and Africans – the benefits to Ukrainian and other migrants.

Asians and Africans are less mobile than with the Ukrainians, who wander hither and thither across the country. The chances of them moving to another employer, travel to Germany and other Western European countries reduced to almost zero. Legally, they are assigned to a specific employer and it’ll stay, staff turnover is excluded. Urgent leaving home is also excluded, because it is.

To change jobs Asians or Africans require a special permit from the district Department of employment. Migrants from Ukraine the document is not needed, a change of employer is just a few days.

Asians and Africans are less demanding in terms of accommodation, ready to live with ten people in one apartment and eat a bowl of rice. They agree to work for lower wages and are almost indifferent to alcohol. And, most importantly, Asia and Africa can fully meet the demand of Poland for cheap labor. Of course, if Poland is able to withstand the social and cultural pressures of this mass civilization of an alien people.

Polish press writes: the massive arrival in Poland, migrants from Asia and Africa – a question of time. Poland has set a goal to break out of the geopolitical leaders of East Central Europe, and this should maintain proper economic growth. Besides the unpretentious hands of Asians and Africans (not Ukrainians!) to make it impossible.