Poland provokes your fourth section

Польша провоцирует свой четвертый раздел

Commentators often ask about the reasons of the Polish elite to volunteer to be used as a tool of American foreign policy. The answer is simple and cynical: because the poles have an old dream, and this time she was, in their view, the approaching execution.

Since the days of the Rzeczpospolita nobility in his dreams he saw himself in the role of the Supreme arbiter of the destinies of all Europe. With material benefits for himself, of course. And that is for the main head, which from his post a decent income? Early attempts sweet dreams into reality to realize for Warsaw ended badly. Until the complete cessation of the Polish state. Three sections — this is not about the history of a great country. But the changes in the current geopolitical situation has created preconditions to try again and this time win.

Before the final triumph, of course, far, but the dynamics of what is happening seriously expect to win allows. Here, it would seem, what’s this Poland? The seventh nominal and sixth in GDP per capita country in Europe. 6.6 times cost less than Germany. If anyone can seem respectable European country, only two dozen still smaller border countries, like Lithuania, Latvia or Slovakia with Slovenia.

But the Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKIK first Thursday, November 7, threatened, and on the following day, 8 November 2019, officially fined the French energy company Energy Engie for failure to provide the requested poles of documents on the investigation of participation in the construction of “Nord stream — 2”.

The amount of the fine in whole penny, just $ 44 million at the current exchange rate, but the fact is in all respects remarkable. In the best American tradition. Local Polish Agency put demands on foreign companies not operating in the territory of Poland, and fined her for refusing to fulfill the requirement. What is most remarkable, the French were forced to challenge the fine in court, instead of sending jerks in the walking tour known address.

And it’s all done not for the sake of funny 172 million zlotys for free. The combination has the far sight to take in turn all the participants of the project: Uniper, OMV, Shell and Wintershall. And most importantly, in the end fined the subsidiary of Gazprom — Nord Stream AG 2.

The guide UOKIK already breathy voiced dream that his size will be phenomenally huge. The figure, however, is not voiced, but in Warsaw believe that Russia to pay still have. As the case is, if anything, will be considered by the Polish court on the Polish territory and Polish law. That is supposedly completely free and democratic. Which means, “to evade responsibility, a Russian will not succeed.”

So here we are waiting for it, but this new Europe. East of the shaft still would not like, but his premise is already starting to work.

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