Poland puts pressure on the EU to complicate the construction of the “Nord stream-2”

Polish diplomats, according to the Vice-Minister of energy of Michal Kurtyka has done a lot of work that de facto complicate Gazprom gasket SP-2

Польша давит на ЕС, чтобы усложнить строительство «Северного потока-2»‍

Poland urges Brussels bureaucrats to hasten the amendment of the gas Directive of the European Union, which will be able at least to suspend the construction of Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2 on the territory of the EU. This was stated by Deputy Minister of energy of Poland Michal Kurtyka, writes the Polish radio.

According to this Directive all runs by sea pipelines (along with imports) will be subject to EU legislation. As noted Kurtyka, EU ambassadors should proceed to changes in the Directive, no later than the end of June.

The pace of work on the document, according to the Minister, hindered Bulgaria, which presided over the EU in the first half.

“In November last year the European Commission proposed changes to the gas Directive of the EU. Bulgaria was limited to meetings of experts and has not transferred voting at the level of ambassadors and Ministers,” the source said.

Польша давит на ЕС, чтобы усложнить строительство «Северного потока-2»‍

From 1 July the presidency in Brussels will be Austria, which, as expressed by Kurtyka, Poland pending “objectivism,” and not protect their own interests. “The country-the President should behave neutrally”, — he stressed.

Nord stream-2 gas pipeline project from Russia to Germany bypassing Ukraine through the Baltic sea. 51% of shares belong to Gazprom. Russia wants to build two pipelines (up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year). Brussels and Berlin have promised to guarantee gas transit through Ukraine even after the construction of the SP-2. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the project is opposed in Europe due to the fact that the United States allegedly want to export gas to Europe.

Germany, Finland and Sweden have already given permission for the laying of pipes; against — the Baltic States, Poland, Denmark, Moldova and, partially, from overseas, USA.

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