Polarni Chornobyl. In Antarctic weavile nalci yadernyh tests pwstate davnost

Полярний Чорнобиль. В Антарктиді виявили наслідки ядерних випробувань півстолітньої давності

Zgidno s new dosljak, lodovici of Antarctica DOS , gerela radioactive vipraha. The reason tsogo — wirabuana aderno zbroï, that conducted amerikantsi in seredyn view from the past century.

At in most cases, today nalci yadernyh disasters I pavesini radacini background in RSNA mstah planet shadowth in context over Chornobylska AES or AES Fukusima-1.

But, zgidno s new dosljak, cause radioactive viprova in 2019-th mozhut Buti wirabuana aderno zbroï, that after seeing Uryadov US in seredyn view from the past century.

Vcen s Evropeiskogo center vivchennya navkolishn of seredovischa weavile scho lodovici in Antarctic vipuskaut radiation, imore through Testov adern of sebuhi amerikansko an automated workplace . ” in a Quiet ocean in the 1950s.

Dolce SASCO radoactive stopi chlorine-36 barely of I-10, that balisilica in sngf of Antarctica after yadernyh tests. Be called a few more years number of CIR Zotov in atmosferi over Antarctica previsual norm in 10 rasv.

As radoactive of elementy also have wiawso pid hour snegopady poblizu doslyk the pumping station of the Russian East. Absurd Dolce seem, scho viyavlena radiation can seryozno of narcotici atmosferi the Earth. Nonetheless, vgcreate Nagato, naslite of dovgalevsky mozhut Buti nalci from Yaderny wybuchu.

Naadam in period s 1948 to 1958-the first U.S. army vicinale be called a few more desadv yadernyh wybuchu on tihookeanskogo ATOL Envato, that roztashuvannya on vastan about 3.5 tis. km on East from Pivdenny Japan , 2 tees. Punchy km on East from Papua-Nova Gune. Vastani for prami to Antarktide s of Athol Envitec becoming not less then 9 tees. km.

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