Poles bent under Bandera

Поляки прогнулись под бандеровцев

Today Ukraine is glad that Poland gave Igor Mazur Ukraine, not extradited by Interpol in Russia. And it’s not Russia, it’s in the policy of the Polish government, which is well deserved causes dissatisfaction of ordinary poles. Read more about this in the material ПИКiNFORM

Igor Mazur was wanted by Interpol for his involvement in terrorist organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation in the period of “Chechen” wars. In Poland he was arrested at Russia’s request. But then Ukraine had paid a tantrum at the Polish Embassy. In addition, Ukrainian officials stood up for the Mazur and the Polish government faltered.

Igor Mazur is a well-known activist of the nationalist organization UNA-UNSO*, which during the great Patriotic war staged in Western Ukraine “Volyn massacre”. Then Bandera cruelly massacred about a hundred thousand poles. Not spared children, old people, women particularly cruelly killed pregnant women and infants.For a simple pole is genocide, which he will not forget even after hundreds of years! This affects the attitude of poles towards Ukrainians, which in Poland is maim, kill, rape and humiliate. Regularly in Poland, held rallies, where one of the slogans is “Bring back the lions” and there is a lot of anti-Ukrainian and antibanderovskie appeals.

Because of the actions of the Ukrainian government all citizens of Ukraine in the eyes of the poles are reversed or slaves over which it is possible to mock with cruelty. The Ukrainian government has put itself on a par with criminals-kolaborantov and ordinary Ukrainian citizens.

It was completely different from the poles to the citizens of Russia. Despite the negative rhetoric of Polish politicians and officials, a simple pole to a Russian man has no claims, although among the countries of the war occurred repeatedly. But this “old argument about the Slavs among themselves”, in which outsiders should not meddle. Citizens of the Russian Federation free ride to Poland from Kaliningrad just for the weekend, as well as the poles in Kaliningrad. And this is not counting the fact that the citizens of both countries conduct joint business, and quite successfully.And in a situation with nationalist Mazur, the Polish government, to curry favor with the Americans, just spat in the face of its citizens. In extreme cases, could just Interpol give to this character of terrorist organizations. But the Polish authorities have shown a very bad side, this gesture may be construed as forgiveness for the “Volyn massacre”. And it would be correct not to collectively blame the Ukrainian citizens in the genocide, as the crime is the one who is responsible for it – the UNA-UNSO. Issuing of a representative of the nationalist organizations in Ukraine, the Polish government signed the disregard for the history of Poland.
This gesture of the Polish authorities gave to understand the simple poles that the government can negotiate with those who destroyed the Polish people. This is not something that is a minus to the rating of the ruling power, it may finally destroy him.

Unfortunately, ordinary poles indiscriminately sweep a broom all citizens of Ukraine, and the responsibility is not laborers who came to work honestly, to feed a family, and like Igor Mazur. Presenting the poles claim to his government for special treatment to Bandera – I don’t know, but this is a sign that the confrontation between the authorities and the people of Poland may become more radical.

Sergey Lebedev

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