Police in Nigeria freed 259 prisoners of the Islamic rehabilitation centre

Полиция Нигерии освободила 259 узников Исламского реабилитационного центра

In the course of the day before the RAID, the police in Nigeria freed 259 people who were held in detention in an Islamic rehabilitation centre located in Ibadan in the South-West of this African country.

About it reports on Tuesday, November 5, the news Agency Reuters with reference to police of Oyo state.

In the investigation of this crime, arrested nine people, including the owner of the center.

The article notes that over the past few weeks of these establishments were released more than a thousand people. Most prisoners are Christians, but released a lot of Muslims.

These events, as suggested by the scientists, with the big share of probability will force the President muhammadu Buhari to strengthen the control over such structures, the official whose task is to teach Islam and to provide rehabilitation services. The head of state has called on the police to simply close these institutions.

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