Police officers accused of murder after having used their taser more than 50 times on a suspect

Des policiers accusés de meurtre après avoir utilisé leur taser plus de 50 fois sur un suspect

Two police officers in Oklahoma must respond to charges of murder after having used their gun to electrical impulses, a Taser, more than 50 times on an individual who refused to comply with their requests.

Joshua Taylor, 25, and Brandon Dingman, 34, were charged Thursday with second degree murder for the death of Jared Lakey, which occurred in July 2019.

The man, 28-year-old died in hospital two days after having received a number of electric pulses, reports the New York Times.

The two officers were responding to a call for an individual naked shouting and running in the streets, the July 4, 2019.

Agent Brandon Dingman has made his “Taser” 23 times, and has used it to 114 seconds, while Jared Lakey does not constantly listened to orders, according to court filings. Agent Joshua Taylor, for his part, used his gun power 30 times, for a total of 122 seconds.

In total, Lakey has been “taser” for 4 consecutive minutes, according to an affidavit quoted by the local media.

Lakey has never made any aggressive act against one or the other of the officers during the incident and the police have never tried to control it with physical force, which goes against the training methods of the department.

The victim who had stopped breathing after his arrest, died of multiple heart attacks and ‘coronary atherosclerosis and critical use by the forces of the order of the electric shock weapons and restraints”.

Arrest warrants for Taylor and Dingman have been launched on Wednesday. They are rendered in the office of the sheriff of the county of Carter before being released on bail of $ 250,000, officials said OBSI.

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