Police officers assaulted after a control in Aulnay were ambushed

    Police officers assaulted after a control in Aulnay were ambushed

    A dislocated shoulder, crumpled ribs and the fear of their lives. Sunday at 4.35 p.m. in the city of 3000 in Aulnay-sous-#Bois (Seine-#Saint-#Denis), two bikers from CSI 93 were beaten up by a group of ten young people. One was prescribed 7 days of ITT (temporary incapacity for work). His colleague, more seriously injured in the shoulder, 21 days of ITT.

    The two police officers belong to the security intervention company (CSI) based in Aulnay-sous-#Bois. One is a 44-year-old police brigadier, the other is a 24-year-old peacekeeper. They carry out a banal road check in the City of 3000, just in front of the Post Office, when they spot a scooter ridden by two young people. Neither of them is able to present the two-wheeler papers. The discussion continues on “a cordial tone for a good twenty minutes”, indicates a police source.

    The passenger claims to collect the vehicle’s papers and returns accompanied

    The passenger then suggested that the police go and get the documents for the two-wheeler from his nearby home and leave the vehicle there with his boyfriend. But when the young man reappears, he is not alone. “About ten people are accompanying him”, according to the same source, and fall on the two officials. A kick and one of the CSI motorcycles is sent to the ground.

    One of the attackers grabs a barrier and throws it in the direction of the police. In the fight, one of the agents finds himself on the ground, a shower of kicks and punches fall on him. Then it’s his colleague’s turn to fall. He receives the same treatment.

    A video relayed by the Actu17 site shows a police officer brought down by the man he seems to want to arrest. The second agent tries to help him, but is also kicked by another individual. To get out of the trap, they try to disperse them by spraying them with tear gas.

    Finally, the arrival of reinforcements will put an end to hostilities. A 20-year-old man is arrested. The two passengers of the scooter, they managed to escape on their two-wheelers. The investigation to identify the attackers continues.

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    “The prefect of police gave his support to the two bikers of the CSI 93 injured”, indicates the prefecture of police on Twitter.

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