Police officers will continue to be on the lookout

The beautiful weather of the next few days risk of want to many people out to enjoy the sun in public places, but the police will continue to be on the lookout despite a stable situation and encouraging them to Quebec.

For the next six days, the weather forecasts show sunny skies with the thermometer ranging between 9 °C and 14 °C. what To do dream any person in confinement who is waiting to see if life can still exist in society.

The vast territory of the plains of Abraham, a few parks, and several sidewalks will certainly be crowded at the current end of the week.

Two meters

“The important thing is to avoid large gatherings and to observe the distance of two metres,” recalls the spokesperson of the SPVQ, Sandra Dion. The police also invited the population to make the necessary judgments to avoid the denunciations useless. In the parking lot outside of a residential building, few neighbors could therefore take advantage of the spring to socialize a little without approaching the other.

In Quebec city, says the police, everything is going pretty well. The citizens work together well.

“People have the right to be seated, walk outside, and talk. The important thing is the distance, ” she said.

According to the latest balance sheet, the SPVQ gave 98 statements of offence pursuant to the Law on public Health since the beginning of the decree. An update will be available soon.

Another death

On Thursday, the CIUSSS in the National Capital has confirmed a new death at the Jeffery Hale and 11 new positive cases throughout the country, bringing the total to 658 people infected and 35 deaths to date, 19 of the dead only at the Jeffery Hale.

Always considered the worst place in the region, the Jeffery Hale has 118 people infected among users and employees. The CHSLD Paul-Triquet, four users have been infected.

Without saying to let your guard down, the spread of the virus is now considered to be ” low ” in the National Capital. In the last few weeks, the CIUSSS has hired 763 employees and 112 students.

In Chaudière-Appalaches, only three new cases were confirmed yesterday, bringing to 349 the total number across this region. The balance sheet cumulative of seven deaths is the same for several days.

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