Police operations: young people who go too fast in Saguenay

Opérations policières: des jeunes qui vont trop vite à Saguenay

“You have 30 days to pay these findings, the pay or the challenge”, said the policeman Michel Tremblay to a young driver who had to pinch it to roll too fast.

The warnings have not been sufficient for this driver. “Since you’ve already had warnings of your friends, and you’ve surely heard that we was going to do some operations, it really is at this stage where we are more repressive”, explained the agent.

VAT News has obtained a privileged access to a police operation to counter a scourge that lasts for years: the speed and dangerous behaviour on the boulevard Talbot, Saguenay.

In just a few hours, up to 25 vehicles are intercepted, and 12 statements of offence are given.

Another driver has been pinned to a large excess of speed.

“The vehicle has been picked up to a speed of 96 km/h in a 50 zone; the guy deserves a ticket of$ 480, plus expenses. It goes up therefore to a total of 669$ plus 10 demerit points,” explained Michel Tremblay.

The passenger of the other vehicle was also taken while he was surfing on his vehicle, he had taken out the top of its body through a window.

The police were also in the crosshairs of the illegal mods on the vehicles.

“With the COVID, some have more time and a little more with the Providing canadian emergency and invest in their cars. There are several enthusiasts: they love to modify their vehicles, but some are illegal. We had several vehicles, this evening, that have captured our attention precisely. The suspension is too low, the stickers in the windows, the windows too tinted, etc”, said the policeman, Francis Bouchard.

The fines are steep… in Spite of everything, the drivers are hard to brake. Some even go so far to make savings in anticipation of the fines they will have to pay.

“The behaviors that come back regularly are especially overtaking in the zig-zag starts early on the red lights, racing, when two vehicles are waiting at a light to race, as we know, the lights are synchronized to the Talbot boulevard, then it is easy to make a good end without taking red lights,” said the agent Bouchard.

This operation “Fast and dangerous” was necessary. “The problem was urgent, because since the last three months, we have had over 100 calls of termination in connection with dangerous behaviour,” said Francis Bouchard.

Several motorists pulled with warnings. For the agents of the police of Saguenay, the awareness is important.

“The goal is really to settle the issue and not to report a number of statements of offence, or grabbing people in default”, has put forward Mr. Bouchard.

“We are not there to cause, what we want, it really is find peace and [quiet] on Talbot,” said Luc Tardif, a spokesman for the police of Saguenay.

It is also what citizens want from the sector, who are his witnesses of these behaviors night after night.

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