Police response is lethal in Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot: Two police SQ white

The man of 77 years who died on march 30, 2019 during a police intervention muscular in Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot, in Montérégie, succumbed to an aneurysm and the use of force by officers has in any way contributed to his death.

The Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) has therefore decided not to lay criminal charges against the two police involved in this case.

The two agents of the Sûreté du Québec responded to a call “in connection with a family incident that occurred at the residence of the man”.

Once on site, the police would have encountered an individual who refused to cooperate and would have tried to lash out physically at one of them.

Cayenne pepper has been used to curb the enthusiasm of the septuagenarian, who was then handcuffed.

But his health deteriorated suddenly and he fell into cardiopulmonary arrest.

The autopsy carried out in the days that followed found that “the cause of death was a rupture of an aneurysm atherosclerotic the abdominal aorta, which was large enough to spontaneously rupture. The application of force by the police is not a contributing cause to the death,” writes the DPCP in its decision.

In the light of all the information contained in the report of the Bureau of independent investigations, the DPCP is estimated that the policing of the SQ involved in this case did not use excessive force and are not responsible for the death of a man in his seventies.

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