Police said that in Germany on the carnivals strangle people

Полиция заявила, что в Германии на карнавалах душат людей

In Germany the season of carnival, on the streets of Cologne to meet a lot of people in suits, but they are in danger, because unknown attack celebrating people with cable ties.

The police reported that 22-year-old boy from Trier (Rhineland-Palatinate) was attacked from behind, threw him on the neck of the cable tie and tightened it informs germania.one.

it is reported that the victim in one of midpalate managed to find a doctor who freed him from the noose around his neck.

During the investigation of this incident revealed that previously there have been several such cases. Victims reported two similar attacks.

The police said that we are talking about serious attacks that could be regarded as bodily harm or even attempted murder.

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