Police stopped the dog, hour rode on the car

Полиция остановила пса, час ездившего на авто

In the American St. Louis police stopped the circling for hours car, at the wheel which was a dog. A funny video appeared on the Facebook page Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Labrador named Max was stopped by the police when he was circling in the car of his master. The dog rode on the car for about an hour.

The incident occurred when the dog owner accidentally drove into an unfamiliar area and got out to ask directions.

The car door accidentally slammed shut when the driver came out of it. Remaining in the cabin the dog touched the gear lever and the car started to move in a circle.

The police arrived at the curious incident opened the door with a code lock on the driver’s door. Law enforcement noted that “the accident suffered only one mailbox” located near the road. The dog in the incident was not injured.

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