Police violence: the New York city mayor booed at a ceremony to George Floyd

Violences policières: le maire de New York hué à une cérémonie pour George Floyd

New York | The New York mayor was booed on Thursday by a crowd gathered in tribute to George Floyd, accusing it of tolerating of police interventions increasingly aggressive against protesters, who denounce the racial inequalities.

During the ceremony in the Brooklyn neighborhood – organized at the same time a tribute to Minneapolis, where George Floyd is suffocated by a white policeman on may 25, – the mayor has had a lot of work to do to hear his speech: the crowd of several thousand people shouting ” De Blasio Go Home! “(” De Blasio go home “) or ” Vote them out! “(” Draw power “). The mayor is gone again shortly after.

Since the imposition of a curfew in the capital of the american economy on a Monday night, extended to last until Sunday, the new york police have sometimes charged protesters who defied the order to return home.

On Wednesday evening, she has moved back to the baton of the protesters, however peaceful, in Brooklyn, according to videos released through social networks.

Interviewed Thursday, the mayor, a democrat, who had promised that the curfew was only there to avoid looting and clashes, and not to prevent peaceful protests, has not denounced these methods.

“In the context of this crisis, in the context of the curfew, there is a point where too much is too much “, said the municipal official, re-elected for four years in November 2017.

After having visited police officers wounded in the morning, he assured that the police had shown ” usually a lot of restraint “, while indicating that if there was a ” things to review, this would be done “.

Mayor, since January 2014, Mr. De Blasio, 59 years old, has never been very popular in New York. His nomination last year at the inauguration democrat had been turned into a mockery.

Since the beginning of the protests, it is criticized in the times to tolerate the brutality, and for being late to quell the looting that rocked uptown Manhattan on Sunday and Monday evening.

The New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, relationships, notoriously difficult with the mayor, has even discussed Tuesday the possibility of revoke the election. He added that he would not do to not worsen the crisis, an opponent of Mr. de Blasio, Eric Ulrich, elected as a republican to the city council, has taken the idea and calls for a vote of no confidence against her.

In this climate, a petition launched last year on the site change.org calling for the impeachment of the mayor has gained new momentum, gathering on Thursday, more than 115,000 signatures.

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