Polish cyclone threatens Ukraine flood

Польский циклон грозит Украине потопом

Polish cyclone threatens Ukraine flood
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And now mushroom season! Photo: Konstantin Bunovsky

In almost all areas again the rains, sometimes with thunderstorms and hail.

Weather over Central Europe deteriorated – in the middle of the summer residents had to get the umbrellas and put on rain jackets. Especially, weather forecasters speak, went to Poland, which has long been attacking a cyclone. Atmospheric fronts that formed over the Baltic sea, where they gained moisture over time, only strengthened in the neighboring country and now moved to Ukraine. Lucky touches they have only “edge”, but in any case this means that without an umbrella in the weekend’s best not to leave the house. Moreover, rain can be sudden and quite strong. And the inhabitants of certain areas at certain times generally better to sit with closed Windows – forecasters expect thunderstorms and hail.

To worsen the weather began on Thursday. He came to us “European” cyclones, as usual, with the Western areas of the city which started to heat a little in the first day of the visit, the guest from Poland. As told “KP” in Ukraine” by weather forecasters, in connection with high blood pressure on Friday, atmospheric fronts will not be able to be too active, and therefore should be expected only short-term storm rains. They will be held throughout the country except the Eastern provinces. Further dalene will start to fall and rain to grow – on Saturday they will reach the East, and from this day on, will be evenly watered, all areas without exception. Stormy mood will continue.

– The weather will be changeable, especially during the day, sometimes with hail, – weather forecasters speak. – Sunday the temperature will drop, but not much. Also in the near future on the street we will be accompanied by gusts of wind.

Rains and heavy showers are expected in Western Ukraine, can become dangerous for the inhabitants of mountain areas – due to deposition of large amounts of rain can go down. The usual attribute of rainy days in some areas – flooding of streets and yards, in some places, flooding homes. In Lviv and in the Carpathian region on Friday, the projected rise of the water level in the rivers basins of Xiang and Dniester – almost a meter.

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