Political crisis: the socialist leader urged supporters of the socialists to go on a March

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Artem Kukovsky (“Mir”)


The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called on supporters of the party of socialists to go to the national March. Meanwhile, at the government building, the Prosecutor General, the constitutional court and the interior Ministry, the protesters remain. Supporters of the democratic party did not disperse, despite the heat. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Olesea Cazacu find out the details.

Access to government buildings is restricted. There are five inputs and each of them are the carabinieri. Nearby – tent with the protesters. People do not leave the fifth day.

On the lawn, in tents, hammocks: protesters camped in the shade of the trees in the Chisinau heat set. Food and drinks bring with them from home, volunteers are helping. If you need to cool off, use the water for watering the lawn. Some are at the government building for days, others come only for the day. Ready to protest in any weather.

“Let there be at least 50 degrees, we still come, we are not afraid nor heat, nor rain,” says Elena.

At the government building, the protesters are waiting for the elected socialists and the bloc AKUM the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Maia Sandu. The audience believe that the government headed by her is illegal, and the head of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister recognized from the Democrats Pavel Filip.

“We are here, and Express our position against the majority in Parliament, which have merged in a strange way. We really want to see them here, talk to them, to show and prove that they are right,” says protester Fedor Marin.

The first meeting of the government Ministers she held in Parliament to enter the building the government they did not dare. Today President Igor Dodon has appealed to civil servants to support the government headed by Sandu and the coalition of the socialists and the bloc AKUM.

“We made the decision June 16 at 11:00 to encourage our supporters in the national March in support of the new government. It will be a peaceful March, which will be held before the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova,” he stated.

“Prepare, arrive early, if possible, to visit relatives and stay with them at night. Ride on the machines of those who can’t drive” – called Sandu.

Earlier, the democratic party insisted on dialogue. In response to this call of the socialists and the block AKUM demanded to remove the protesters and to provide access to the blocked state.

As it became known, on June 14, democratic party of Moldova will hold a meeting of the National political Council of the party. It would be taken to resolve the crisis in the country.