Poll: What do you think of the new Safari designs?

Poll: What do you think of the new Safari designs?

Poll: What do you think of the new Safari designs?

The design of Apple’s Safari web browser in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey was supposed to be a triumph of the redesign, however the new update is causing a lot of problems for many people and not everyone is convinced of the new design. In our poll this week, we want to know what you think of the new design, even if you haven’t used it yourself yet!

As a background, Apple redesigned Safari across its entire suite of software, as announced at WWDC. For Iphone:

Safari has a new design that makes the controls easier to reach with one hand and places content front and center. The new tab bar is compact and lightweight, and floats to the bottom of the screen, so users can easily swipe between tabs. Tab groups allow users to easily save tabs and access them anytime on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. New features like customizable home page and web extensions on iOS make Safari even more personal and powerful.

Similar redesigns were needed for the iPad, with a new tab bar that allows users to see more of the web page they are browsing:

However, many of these changes have been met with hostile responses from users. It seems like a lot of people on iPhone are struggling because the new floating tab bar at the bottom of the screen literally gets in the way of everything. On iPad, the new design has been modified to an optional model and Apple has also redesigned the macOS version, which previously meant that your URL bar would move every time you selected a different tab.

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So what do you think of these new designs? Do you prefer the new designs? Or are you more comfortable now that Apple has made some adjustments? Maybe you’d rather Apple hadn’t touched them at all, let us know in the survey below. On mobile? Click here to view this week’s survey.

What do you think of the new Safari designs?