Polskie Radio: settled Germany did to Poland during the war?

Polskie Radio: рассчиталась ли Германия перед Польшей за войну?

During the Second world war, Poland suffered some of the biggest losses in relation to the total population in the country. In the course of the war killed six million Polish citizens, and many of its cities in ruins. After coming to power in 2015 the party “law and justice”, the question of payment by Germany of reparations and their size was also included the new Polish government in the political agenda. In 2017, a Committee was formed of the Sejm on reparations. In 2018, the Committee provided a report on military losses, estimating them at $ 850 billion.The reaction of the Germans to this report was mixed. The latest opinion poll showed that 68% of Germans believe that the question of reparations had been settled and the German government should not return to this subject, and only 7% of German respondents think otherwise.The first is the opinion expressed Arkadiusz mulyarchick a:This question is not raised in the Polish public debate for various reasons. The fact that the issue of reparations was not timely raised in the future led to the misunderstanding of the international community, requirements of Warsaw. During his last tenure of the ruling party “law and justice” gave a new impetus to the debate on German reparations, both in Poland and in the international arena. The interest of the world media to the issue of reparations payments by Germany, Poland and Greece are still great, and with their help we saw a change in the assessment of the question of reparations for Poland. At the same time, in Germany does not stop discussion on the issue of reparations for Poland. Today we see that increasingly there are voices in Germany who say that this matter is not yet resolved. Carl Roth and Hartmut of Rabner issued a publication called “the Displaced, deferred, rejected. German reparations debts on the example of Poland and Greece”, which States that the position of Berlin, which refused to pay Warsaw and Athens war reparations is irresponsible and unreasonable. These historians have also calculated the amount that the Germans should pay for Poland. She is just over one trillion (1,182 euros) or 4 trillion zlotys.The second world war destroyed Polish economy, caused enormous damage to the culture, and above all, claimed the lives of six million people. Can this all be assessed in financial terms? Arkadiusz mulyarchick a:it is Hard to objectively calculate or estimate the value of human life. But there are mechanisms by which we can roughly calculate how much this person in my life could produce goods, pay taxes etc, human Life and its economic importance, to date, to calculate. And we are doing that. Depends on the method that you make in the calculation. And the amount calculated by the German historians very rational[…]it is Impossible to estimate the suffering, loss of relatives, loss of prospects and opportunities. However, we can appreciate some aspects of life, such as loss of real estate or personal property in cities and villages. Every Polish town and village suffered huge losses, for example, such cities as Warsaw was destroyed in 90%, but was the cities of Jaslo, which was destroyed virtually 100%. The loss was huge, and Poland has every right to talk about it. And so, Poland is now one of the main tasks is to report on reparations and their sizes.Poland may use the issue as a political lever to achieve their goals, commented on the issue David Wildstein:We may not receive payments, but through negotiations we can achieve something else instead. It is a policy that we certainly should spend. And as time has shown, it is not just “saber-rattling” as, says the Polish opposition. Well, the most positive aspect is what began a historic dialogue on how, in fact, looked the German occupation in Poland.Commenting on the prospects and tasks facing the Parliament on the issue of reparations, Arkadiusz mulyarchick, the noted the following:Starts the Saeima of the new convocation, and I hope that during this time they started all the necessary processes for raising this issue at the international level in order to clearly outline its position on this issue in order not to repeat the fate of Greece. Greece sent an official demand for payment of reparations, and Germany refused.Their opinions regarding reparations expressed publicist Piotr Cywinski:Discussion of reparations for Poland is already bearing its first fruits. It gives an insight by the Germans, and the world that the attack on Poland and occupation did not look like the occupation of France. The book “the Displaced, deferred, rejected. German reparations debts on the example of Poland and Greece” is not a new publication. In 2017, it was available in the electronic version. The authors of the books consulted with an expert in international law by Andreas Fischer, and he also claims that Poland may demand reparations. But, unfortunately, it’s not the government’s position. And it remains unknown whether in the future the government to raise the matter again.

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