Pomoryansky castle vanolst for starovynni document

Поморянський замок відновлять за старовинним документом

Professionals viscauti value source Zamkowa history dwellers to understand, Yak sama restaurati one of Nagorny zamku Ukraine.“Today hotelosj bi obgovorili s You some s navalesi jerel Zamkowa history. TSE – plan of the castle I priselkova territor Nacho pam atki mill here on kinets 17 St, we are talking on storms Pomoranska the castle at Facebook. – Chomu Tsey plan je neimovirna valium for Semkovo history in total? The fact scho VIN – Chi denim usually gerela nformat about the structure of the castle until the Yak Prusinski rosbri blsu castino, salesuse lachey snout NIN two Creel s tower.”

Zaznachiti scho sama at once retroblast project oblashtuvannya priselkova territor, TSE source dozvola m to understand, the Yak was vyglyadela adjoining territory then.

“To our hands a plan potrativ s Osipovna collects documents, sbrana by Oleksandr Cholowski, that today sberkassa in Warsaw in the Biblioteka Narodowa, – we are talking further at podollan. – Here he lezhit in viglyad the end of photocopy on the specified swaret ako scho plan CCB views on “Vistapc pam’yatok s casv king Stephen I Jan III…” in the year 1933. Looking in the catalog of the exhibition Todtnau, can pobachiti doval skromny description: our Ob CTU s zaznacheny scho like VIN zi “between Zboriv Wlanwifi”, ie z collects Kolesnik residents the W Jan III. Otozh Hoca mi pokey not znamo, de lezhit orignal document I Chi sberna General, Yogo sovanna wyglada clcom froggy”.

Поморянський замок відновлять за старовинним документом

However, je pevna problem: professionals musati Rospatent in nformats, naslite wragge ye won. After the document Mauger Buti just Proctor, and Mauger th plan, yaky unable kolis realspace. I one to the right, if the plan skladovka for dobrogene Tonga will ukrepleni for akikos needs, and NSA right, yakscho TSE lachey project robt Chi konstruktivnych for change.

Moreover, the document is not known that doctorno, that same period he Dobruja.

“Yakscho namahatta zvuciti period, villada on those scho this castle MAV bi Buti ere 1680-90-H. Mauger, navti after 1684 th, if hit, sutto of rujnowanie and, obviously, next postaw the same Otakon. Those scho mi bacimo on zobrazen can dramatically varanytsia from the Yak blesst sobi UAVs our castle in davnine”, – seem to have pomoranska the castle.

Mi troch z opracowali the CIM plan. In bagatoh moments here Dobraine Garneau corely s Tim, scho mi bacimo in nontarnish described. For example, VSI nventor pochinayut his Raspaud s description truglo VI s Derev anim bridge, which serves as the entrance to the castle from side Mista. I came with such a mi bacimo ) on plan, although now he ne I sldu not lysiloma. Moreover, there nakladani suchen kreslene I aerosjemka sberezhenij Chastain plan I Varto notice, scho TSE doval exact document. Pochivka here je, ale brand minimalna. Someone Maluwa Tsey plan coastwise real Samraj, not Yak “vilny artist”.

Zivim ” description of image:

“At the center of the mi bacimo the castle in form viagralogo usdeur n of etiqutte. TSE total vdova fact, scho mi znamo about the castle in that period. Here are similar form VIN CCB dobrzany Statham later on chart background MA. Detaljno planowania structure, unfortunately, not filed, ale challenge contour soundnode the perimeter STN. Z punce side(bottom of image), from micta us sustra vzhe shadana V SNA round tower s moat I the bridge. RV m at ye will sberezheniy. Lorus to magnetise STN, pravoruch obviously images Derev of any castok. Divney wyglada Taka DRA in Oberon, ale taqiy same mill spostiamo in nventory klama desyatiletiyami later. Dali – DV n atiqot VI about that smoothly say, Bo stench not so perfect in agutsa s picmovie gerolami, Yak V SNA. Next DV Seren, Liva – round(berejena Donin), right – square. At the top castin(s pudenda side) d sutto masins veg. TSE I of course, Bo acres pudenda side Bula priznachena persou “loviti privte” od vorago artiller. Liva – vosekalna I. troch withnote forward. Naprosta Dumka, scho , could sporadici troch later, than I custom on f trulove poperedni. Sama . “winesense” forward together with vosekalna form gave better features for vedennja wagny. On f for this reason veg at a time her big hole, ale side, the yakoy tower of premikula to the case, yea berejena. Together with passages, that I was sprucely. Right W tower Bula square. Zobrazena won since Troma scavini phramaceutical in Kuty. Dehcho s reconstructors potraktowa TSI vistupi, Yak malenic Kotov VI. Counterparts often can soustrot in Clubbing, however rosena such small vezh Bulo harakternoe for more potichnyj samkv, and our still troch molodshy. More froggy here Vidalia scho TSE could Buti kontrforce. Analogon mi can spostarti in SVG, Chi on Wei monasteries of the Benedictines in Lviv. Three kontrforce on odni veg mozhut swit lachey about a jahlive mill, but wine not alli CIR STN. Dali – ccache. Semlan ukreplena. Navkolo castle descriptions system zemljani bastow. Z PvdA two powinny the bastioni, s pmnoc two pubstone. Naadam scho s pmnoc territory of premikula to micta, that there dostatno Bulo pubescens. The contour of the Yak out, CCB parapet. The flanks zobrazeno for three ambrosoli for vedennja wagny usdeur clumps. Dali – RV. Sudachi s image VIN CCB napolneny of water. Water podavala s sadoshima on RCC Mahnke. On dumb sadoshima bacimo ACUs sporuda. Neatly to judge about a priznachennya, ale mg bootie Mlyn. Animense, just znamo scho in 19 century the same in this f still CCB Mlyn. For moat spostiamo the ones from the territory, perhaps s drew roslinnosc I stare at the bottom of the channel RCCI Gold Lime. Z pershoho the look form zemlyanih designs wyglada clcom sobi regular. However, if NACESTI on kreslene pravilno of image formation, the mi bacimo SATTV perekosy I asimetricnost. Livy Bastion, I Yak Yogo tower, vyneseny troch to the front. TSE tagne him first bias in clumps. Sahana I Shana of Martini SOSM not what paralelnymi mizh him. Poyasnite TSE Tim, semlan ukreplena scho pid hour swedena papragraphs vzhe snowcem sporedum. I, yakscho Boule ostan decimetric, it ti W a s yadavalli I semlan. Osoblivo uwagi sakugawa I vs Central lock. Z pershoho to look wyglada scho V SNA tower znahodytsya acres on ln wavne OCI. Ale W hi. Won comes smmea loroch. Chomu? TSE zapitannya pokey without and answers”.

Document Dolce Naukovo-CRI NC center “Ratna archeology service” scho view from the past msata pochv work there Pomoranska the lock on zamovlennya the Department archtecture the development of mostobudivel LOD. He got the same answer dati on power, Yak sama provoditi of the reconstruction of the restoration, dwellers of the Castle Pomaranski MAV estimation, Yak at svoï nicras chasi sovanna.

“The us has poperedu checkout velik diskus schodo castle I Yogo povernennya to life”, – zaznachayut Pomoranska the castle.

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