Pompeo admitted Ukrainian interference in U.S. elections

Помпео допустил украинское вмешательство в выборы в США

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who is retiring, has offered to investigate regarding the possible intervention of Ukraine in the U.S. presidential election of 2016, writes Reuters.

“Every time there is information indicating that at any time, any country intervened in the us elections, we not only have a right, we must identify it,” he said.

The answer Pompeo gave to the question: “Should the States to investigate allegations of Ukraine meddling in elections?”. However, the actual word “Ukraine” he said. He added that even the interaction should be investigated.

The Agency reminds that Kerry’s words contradict his own assessment of intelligence, which showed that Russia interfered in the elections of 2016.

The President of the United States Donald trump and his attorney Rudolph Giuliani tried to look for evidence of interference in Ukraine’s presidential elections of 2016.

Recall that Pompeo said that Ukraine is a “project” over which the United States work for many years.

Also read that trump Pompeo confirmed the intention to retire.

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