Pompeo compares the former adviser to the White House, John Bolton to Edward Snowden

Pompeo compare l’ex-conseiller de la Maison-Blanche John Bolton à Edward Snowden

WASHINGTON | The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo has compared Monday, John Bolton, the former close adviser to Donald Trump who publishes a book of vitriol on the president of the United States, Edward Snowden, former employee of the u.s. intelligence indicted for espionage.

“Frankly, the information it publishes are weighing on him heavy criminal risk “, warned the secretary of State on Fox News, on the eve of the release of “The Room” Where It Happened ” (The room where it happened), chronic 17 months of John Bolton in the White House.

“We’ve all seen what happens when people leak classified information, as Edward Snowden. What John Bolton has done is not so very far from that, ” he added, in a statement that sounded like a warning.

“And although the decision to take action to return to the department of Justice, the publication of this information represents a real threat and a real coup for the United States,” insisted Mike Pompeo.

Edward Snowden, often seen as a whistleblower, is a former employee of the CIA and ex-contractor of the intelligence agency NSA exiled in Russia since he was denounced in 2013, the mass surveillance of communications and of the internet in his country.

The former computer programmer is charged with the criminal the United States of espionage and theft of State secrets. He faces up to 30 years in prison.

The book of John Bolton paints a picture very unflattering Donald Trump, presented as ill-advised, ” incompetent “, and obsessed by his re-election leaves to endanger the national security. In short, “unfit” to chair the first global power, according to the ex-advisor.

In recent days, the billionaire republican and his camp, including Mike Pompeo, have oscillated between the two lines of defense, denouncing the one hand, a book filled with lies, but also, on the other hand, crammed full of information classified as highly sensitive.

The u.s. government has, however, been dismissed a lawsuit to block its release.

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