Pop star vs. the Opera singer, whose path to fame twisty

Поп-звезда vs оперного артиста: чей путь к славе извилистей

To get to the concert of Opera stars, you need to pay a tidy sum. For example, orchestra seats for Placido Domingo in Moscow will cost 60 thousand rubles. But to attend a performance of the pop diva Ani Lorak will have to pay less. The most expensive ticket to her concert is about 50 thousand. But the performance of the singer is not only a beautiful voice, and a bright dance numbers that require a lot of energy. Whose path to glory more difficult – pop star or Opera singer?

From music school in Saratov region to the Gnessin Academy. And after long years of great concerts and tours. Valeria path to glory was not easy. As recognized by singer, in early childhood she understood that in order to become a real artist, you have to work.

Two or three vocal lesson per week – required minimum for the beginning singer, I’m sure the musician Stas Obukhov. In Moscow one lesson on the average cost two thousand rubles. From eminent teachers lesson more expensive – the cost comes to 20 thousand. But good vocals for a pop artist, not all.

“Few learn to sing, you have to stand like wooden on stage. Need something to do. Or just feel freely, without clips. If it’s about how much you have to do to get just technically on some level – I think it’s ten years. Again all progress according to plan. A true pop artist, if you can call it that, needs to be educated, literate, to understand the style,” says the musician, vocal coach Stas Obukhov.

The gym, lessons in stage movement, choreography. All this will cost tens of thousands of rubles. A popular artist of today must be ready for such spending, because his main task is to turn each performance into a spectacular show. It is believed that after one concert, the artist will lose up to three pounds. Not less calories consume and Opera singers. And though academic singers do not jump on the stage as their pop counterparts, the load on the body they are comparable with the occupation of weightlifting. After all, Opera singing involves the greatest number of muscles.

“If to participate in the performances, in productions, in the same way there and dance, sing, and move, and have all together to combine. But the operatic voice is more difficult with the fact that you have time to turn out the base: this type of breathing is correct, that the power that is required for an Opera singer that will be singing on the stage of the theatre or the Philharmonic,” said music school teacher Ekaterina Razumova.

Unlike pop singing, to study Opera singing is only 18 years old. The class will cost even cheaper than a lesson pop vocal – about a thousand rubles. But the requirements here are much stricter: no shadows, whispers or cries, which are often moving pop artists, in the art of Opera invalid.

“It’s difficult because, firstly, a very big emphasis on breathing. Dizzy because a lot of oxygen is supplied, the press starts to go. It’s physical work too, because the instrument is inside you: ligaments, stomach, support”, – said the student of musical school Natalia Nekrasova.

Starting from the XI century, when the choir and the Opera especially prized high voice, many artists were men resorted to castration. Today, such harsh measures are not coming, try to work on the voice in a natural way. But pop artists often do the operation on his vocal cords. Some do not hesitate to improve your audio experience with sound editors and producers. Opera to deceive the audience does not, therefore classical music is far less than pop stars.