Pope Francis gave a dinner for a thousand poor

Папа Франциск устроил обед для полутора тысяч бедняков

Pope Francis on Sunday gave the Vatican a dinner for 1500 poor and needy to whom he celebrated a mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on the occasion of world day for the poor.

About 150 round tables were set in the great hall in the Vatican, where the Pontiff usually conducts the audience with the faithful in the winter months. There he gave a dinner for the poor, among whom were migrants and 50 volunteers working with the needy.

Before lunch, the Pope thanked all those present and asked God to bless them and their families. The lunch menu included lasagna, chicken with potatoes in a creamy mushroom sauce, dessert, fruit, and espresso. In other areas of Rome and in other wards were also arranged one meal for a thousand people in need.

Earlier on Sunday, the Pope celebrated a special mass in the Cathedral of St. Peter, to attract attention to the plight of the poor in the world. The service was attended by the poor and the volunteers, who later participated in a dinner with dad. During the service, Pope Francis said that the poor “facilitate people’s access to heaven,” and called them “treasures of the Church”.

Francis called on the faithful not to show annoyance when the poor come knocking at their door and welcome them and help them as much as possible.

“How many elderly, babies, poor and disabled people are considered useless, – said the Pontiff in his homily. We hurriedly go their own way, not worrying about what the gap is widening, that the greed of a few compounds the misery of many others.”

The Pope invited faithful to ask themselves a question: “am I Helping at least one person who could not give me anything in return? Do I have a Christian, at least one friend of the poor?”

The Pope who chose the name Francis, which bore the Holy poor, from the very beginning of his pontificate focused on marginalized segments of the population.

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