Popular antiviruses for Android are potentially dangerous

Популярные антивирусы для Android представляют потенциальную опасность

Experts from VPNPro conducted a study in which was analyzed 15 popular antivirus applications for Android. In the result, it was found that 6 of the 15 programs request privileges that are not required for their functioning. We are talking about permissions to access the camera and microphone device, internal memory, make calls, etc. This means that these applications are potentially dangerous because they can be used to gather sensitive user information.

For antivirus applications require a number of privileges. Standard permissions such as access to Bluetooth or the Internet is marked by Google as non-hazardous and are provided by default. However, permissions which may affect data confidentiality or normal operation of the device, are marked as dangerous and the user must agree to their provision for particular applications. Among other things, to dangerous permissions include the ability to use the microphone, camera, making calls and sending SMS messages reading and writing of files etc. the Main problem is that many apps ask for more permissions than are necessary for their functioning.

Популярные антивирусы для Android представляют потенциальную опасность

Experts note that developers of 12 of the 15 anti-virus applications are geographically located in China and Hong Kong. Some of them in the past already been convicted of fraud with advertising applications. As for concrete results, experts VPNPro allocated 6 apps that can potentially be the most dangerous because in the process they are requesting privileges that they don’t need to implement the stated functions. They include such popular programs like Clean Master (1 billion downloads), Security Master (500 million downloads), Antivirus Free 2019 (10 million downloads), etc.