Popular Park of Cambodia have forbidden to carry tourists on elephants

Популярный парк Камбоджи запретил катать туристов на слонах

In the archaeological Park of Angkor in Siem reap began implementing its plan to release elephants into the wild.This decision of the company Apsara, which manages the Park, with its famous temple complex, influenced by environmental pressure. The decision on non-use in 2020 of elephants for tourist purposes here was taken in early summer. And here is the process of introducing a new rule in life, finally moved.

Two of the 14 elephants that have previously served the guests of the Park were resettled to the nearby forest BOS-Tom.

Long Kosal, a representative of the press service of the company, Apsara, said that the remaining dozen animals will go there until the end of this year.

Популярный парк Камбоджи запретил катать туристов на слонах

Mr. Kosal believes that elephants – the animals are large, but very delicate. And the management of the Park of Angkor is no longer willing to they were exploited by the tourist industry. Elephants should live in their natural environment.

Tourists are fewer, but elephants live

In 2016, to the Park of Angkor was riveted the world’s attention. Then died here elephant named Sambo. Her death was caused by a combination of heat stroke and exhaustion.

Two years later, the world wildlife Fund has published a detailed overview about the population decline of the Asian elephant. In the review meant that the population of this species in just three generations was reduced by 50 percent.

According to the company Angkor Enterprise, which controls the entrance to the Park, to the famous UNESCO site, a decrease in the number of tourists.

A recent report says that from January to September this year, trips to the temple complex bought 1.8 million foreign tourists. It is 13.7 percent less than the same period last year.

It is impossible to predict whether a ban on the outflow of tourists next year. In any case, the current measure is consistent with the global trend. More and more travelers and travel companies on the planet are fighting against the exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes.

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