Porsche has released a video with the new Taycan

Компания Porsche выпустила видео с новым Taycan

It’s funny, but the seemingly simple name Porsche Taycan has caused many people confusion – how to correctly pronounce the name of the new, all-electric car of the German brand Porsche.

Note that not so long ago, the press service of Porsche spoke about the new model, which should get the name Taycan. It turned out that this new car will be a serial version of conceptual sedan Mission E.

At that time, the German brand did not give to understand, literally, how well you need to say named this electric vehicle. In fact, it is a more serious issue than you might think, because for Porsche models have always been some disagreement as to how actually need to say them.

One of the main arguments that were given in this video is the assertion that the new model apart from all the other technological advantages over earlier models of the brand, and branded sporty character. By the way throughout the video we show the old and current model Porsche.

Well, and ends with a video presentation in the spirit of all of these commercials we show the silhouette of the new car, which first shows us the front optics, and then a long led rear optics. The last word is lit very effectively.

It is noteworthy that the name Taycan directly relates to the signature emblem of the German automaker – that is the name of the stallion on the label.

According to representatives of Porsche, the novelty will receive not less than 600 HP and can reach speeds of 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. On fully charged batteries, the electric car can travel 500 km.

Basic will be priced at least 85 000 dollars.

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