Porsche will withdraw in Russia more than 2 thousand cars Panamera

Porsche отзовет в России более 2 тыс. машин Panamera

Porsche withdraws from the Russian market 2 055 machines model Panamera (type 970), reported the Federal Agency on technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).

As noted, to be implemented by the authorized dealers from December 2010 to October 2017.

The reason of revocable campaign – the probability of occurrence of short circuits in the ECU, the air conditioning, which can cause a fire.

It is expected that Porsche will notify owners of cars Panamera (type 970) on the need to provide car to the nearest dealership for free repairs. The machines will be checked ECU, air conditioning and, if necessary, replaced.

Earlier it became known that the Mazda recalls in Russia 938 cars Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5 due to a possible malfunction in the operation of diesel engines. The recall will affect cars sold in the period April 2013 to August 2018.