Posted the trailer for the historical Thriller “the Favourite” with Rachel Weisz and Emma stone (VIDEO)

Опубликован трейлер исторического триллера «Фаворитка» с Рейчел Вайс и Эммой Стоун (ВИДЕО)

Greek Director yorgos of lanthimos, best known for the films “the Lobster” and “the Killing of a sacred deer”, presented the first trailer for the historical Thriller “the Favourite”.

So, the audience will watch a terrible intrigue that wove the courtiers at the court of Queen Anne. The main intriguer — Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) and a court lady, Abigail Mash (Emma stone). They engaged in a tough battle, so one of them became a favorite of the monarch (Olivia Colman).

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