Potapov spoke about his mate cooking dumplings (VIDEO)

After 2016, the singer broke up with Irina Gorovaya, the personal life of the singer was a real mystery. Online often there is information that the new darling Potap became his former partner, Nastya Kamenskikh.

Потап розповів про свою другу половинку готуючи вареники (ВІДЕО)

For imagination gave a joint photos of stars from the rest. Recently there was a picture of Alex Potapenko dog Nasty.

But by these rumors did not comment. But in the program “Breakfast with 1 + 1” known TV presenter Ruslana Sinichkino managed to draw a closed musician. The moderator posed a provocative question about what the farm is preparing for his beloved.

The contractor confidently started to reply, but realizing that he almost said his secret was quickly corrected.

“Beloved in the morning, nothing to cook, I like preparing a favorite favorite”

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