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    François-David Rouleau

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 00:11

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 00:11

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    Denis Shapovalov has not forgotten what allowed him to reach the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup. If he is very proud to have eliminated Juan Martin Del Potro and Rafael Nadal, two idols of youth, it is all the more proud of his determination.

    It must not be forgotten, Monday, he saved four match balls against his first opponent, the Brazilian Rogerio Dura Silva.

    “I am very proud of my spirit of combativeness. If I had not saved those match points, there is no chance that I will find myself here again. I’m in a fight every day this week. I’ve had games very difficult. Through these tests, it is very motivating. “

    His resounding victory over the world number two, Nadal, gave him wings. From the top of its 18 years, he has found the way to reset the counter to zero. A trap into which have fallen many of the end finauds.

    It is, of course, slept very late on Thursday, but he was able to rest by sleeping worthy of a teenager. “It was necessary that I forget the past and that I focus on the new game. It was difficult with the demands of the ATP and the journalists who ressassaient all the stories when I was little so I had to shake hands with Nadal. But it was fun.

    “From the moment I ate dinner and in the warm up, I put myself in the game,” added the athlete.

    Precipitated by Mannarino

    The speed of the game, Adrian Mannarino has, however, placed on the heels. He explained his poor start by a lack of energy after his long battle against Nadal.

    “Rafa to me has drawn a lot of juice. And Adrian has done a good job in the beginning of the game. He played quickly by being aggressive. It was very solid and left me with nothing. To tell you the truth, I felt rushed in my game. It affected me, ” pointed out the one who has bounced back in the second set, helped by the break in weather to 12 minutes.

    It has cooled the ardor of Mannarino and broke his rhythm. According to Shapovalov, it was the defining moment of the match.

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