Pozbutisya “registration”. Scho proponu Nova model restrac msca accommodation

Позбутися «прописки». Що пропонує нова модель реєстрації місця проживання

Chinna system restrats msca accommodation, Yak Ukrainians for nerco nazivayut “registration”, at story naselennyu more problems than Pereval.

Certainly, in Ostend rocky bagato of hotel Boule VDW Asan from address, and retrac: international passport can oformiti there, de which is very convenient, as I posven Voda, so pdest itself be a Declaration of whether z-Yakima simanim Lorem, not only in the district municipality polls to ACO “assigned” person. Moreover, nedavno Central viborcha Comsa have spotila smo msca golosuvannya on zagalnoosvitnioi elections. Now TSE is possible to do online using the form on elektronno sit CEC, vykorystovuyutsia elektronniy cyfrowy PDEs (ETSP), and odrazu two Turi Viborg. As it should be for tsogo Bulo come on vedennja Sovereign restru viborz osobisto. Before viborami of the President to the Parliament in the year 2019 CE, has sprichinilo Velic of charge in mstah.

Vodnochas, people that don’t live there, de seastroke, not mozhut of ottimati pawn adminstrative services, progolosovali on msavi elections, vdate kids from Zadok, otrymaty basicprofile medicine relief in komunalnih lornah.

Iz such obmezheniy rights sticas animense 12% gromadyan of Ukraine, that live not for MSAM restrac. TSE 7 million osib, middle bottom 1 million kids 1 million people, that vzagali not mayut restrac (Dan Dolce Center rights lyudin ZMINA, Center poltico of pravovih reforms (CPPR) that analtical center CEDOS).

System restrat at a time dіє for “doswin” principle requires nadati body restrac document yaky patogiu the right to accommodation in ITL, ABO Zgoda of vlasnika. TSE skladny mozliwosci restrac, for example, in orientovany quarter, Oskolki vlasnici often perikanan scho in orendorf z be aces right to HNW real estate, Hoch TSE not.

From 2018 year Is reform administrativnih the hotel rosabel bill, yaky MAV on met of sprostite procedure restrac msca accommodation. Planovoe scho right to accommodation in ITL of dogoditi not need, and dostatno taxes declare – podoiti body restrac, then TSE is possible to do online. The project was submitted to the Parliament, nevertheless he so I not the CCB inclusions in order Denny For poperechnogo slikanja.

Experti Center rights lyudin ZMINA TA CPR proponuyut Uryadov vlasnu model restrac msca accommodation. Vaughn, Yak I poperedni, Bassa on podomnoe (declarative) principle, nonetheless has got th pawn vdnet. For example, the Nova model is not peredacha Pervak for pctorrent msca the living person. Yak samlaut developers from, for Novo model people smooth easy sarstrans where they live, will bezperestanno cristobalite reigning servname, power mtime Ob ktown Dan about mgrace rozselennya, MSCI fishermen penultimate sviy rozvytok TA budget, in faction maskants smooth to tsogo poluchitsya. Vodnochas vlasnici NERUHOMOSTI not estimate godnic riziku, in chromo ITL yakscho htos saretta.

Model precautio so: man swertia up on restrac Chi Center the Chi nadanna adminpasswd osobista online that powders, scho Hoca sarstrans for pevnou adresou. For cyfrowa dentipes it is possible to use the Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, Bank-ID Chi elektronniy signature. Pratik body restrac odrazu restru of Zabnica for cu adresou that make Dan to restru teritoralna fishermen. Mauger takozh of Savnik of ottimati with iz restru about his restrau.

If not Savnik , vlasnikom zhitlo, in yakomu restrooms, body restrac Zobov’yazanyy podoiti vlasnikom scho in chromo gitl someone sarstrans – why and perspective – for DOPOMOGA e-contact’yazku. Yakscho viavita scho vlasniki nichogo about TSE not know Chi davew Shadi – VIN Mauger saswati restrau of Zabnica.

For nutria peremen osib propanols salesite mozliwosci bootie sarestoniemi in ITL, Yak stink left.

Experti pripuskayut, some of gromadyan scho mozhut vicaretti spasinnya procedure have vlasnik clah I zadeklarowa nepravdivy address. The fact propanols of provoditi administrativo modified for TAC d, namely – poperedzhennya. Yakscho well fake rectrace have sprichinilo zbytky vlasniku derjav Chi – won guilty caralisa fine.

Vodnochas, it should be sacuvati juridico modified for vastly at the person of Chi restrac nesvorn restrac, uvajaut professionals. After skin person guilty mother right vibro –retromatic Chi hi.

“In our system of coordinates je Vier sub’єkti, usaimage yakih not algogen nalina: vlasnici zhitlo, winimac, the fishermen of that power. Our dozen kazhe, shcho 95% brendovogo zhitlo pereboeva in tn, if not Kladusa agreed orendi not plachutta podatki, civilno-pravov vancini skladen such rank, scho not yea Obid side zajistime. Vlasnici zhitlo not just so afraid of the system, the Yak mi nazywam powdernow. Part hnh straw POV’yazana s radyanski the legislation. Our robot has informacin Buti on of tserediani Rosan MFW dwellers rezervati in svidomosti people contact restrat the law glasnost. Mi hocemo nazvati TSE podolany msca accommodation, oblcom school sukam defence, Yak dopomozhe rezervate Tsey contact, dwellers of vlasnici zhitlo stopped boetica, scho htos saretta in chromo ITL stanowienie for them AKS riziki”, – said the coordinator of the project Center rights lyudin ZMINA Lyudmila Anna.

The words expertly, fishermen do not know, skilki them naprawd Givet people, Bo is not there is the toll-mehanna, yaky bi dozvoliv Ludin paterniti his sovanna for factionism mstem accommodation. Vodnochas body restrac not nadali mehanna, yaky bi dozvoliv zaretti Chi of postaviti on oblik Taku Ladino. Power at turn takozh not bachit, skilki in bulks Givet people, respectively, not Mauger velati Ob ktown koshti on rozvytok CIR bulks.

Zaproponowany Sistemi role restrac msca accommodation – only oblik population, won peresta vdharani osoblivo role in it people. I for realtec rights dostatno just of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.

“Reform has got three osnovni stovpy Perche – demo from problems to rsena. At a time restri teritoralna communities not her unthrone, svedenie in a United system, fishermen are not bacati one one. Rsena je: office, swedena in a United system that Nalini funktsionuvannya restru. Friend procedure . . legkosti. For tsogo potreben of adresni registration. For polegshennya procedure for Restorator Yak, so I for Clit Buti got taqiy registration, dwellers presvedcit process I of uniemozliwic Chi sniziti to minmum an pid hour restrac. Tret – Dan s restru of terramed toil directly in purplethe Only reigning demografi registration, CE Ter at a time power on the way to rsena”, – kazhe Anna.

The fact deklarowanej address, and, for the yakoy Givet man, not guilty oznaciti zakonnost of residence in such gitl in snow lezhit doublenest iz vlasnikom without ne saculitis nemozhlyvo. Also notification about maskanda in quarter not got oznaciti scho lyudin Qiu apartment orenda – finansov vancini mizh vlasnikom that the tenant toil documentatie lachey s ingogo there is a will. Also restrict will not pastaway for marajuanna of dodatkowych komunalnih plativ, seem developers from system.

“Kraso system for declarative mi pokey scho not bacimo. I bachiv, Yak TSE pratsyuvala in Low in 2013-2014 rocky, there Dale clcom laralyn system. Be that the citizen come from muncipality, podawa one said I povidomlyav de Givet. Navti vlasniku not informovali. Tsya system pratsyuvala there for 10 years. At a time . zrobili demo gorshkow. Ale TSE swit about those, scho duzhe navti laralyn model can pracovat,” says the patron’s head pravlinnya CPR Viktor Tymoshchuk.

In osnov reform – Dovira to the citizen, and also the priority of the rights of vlasnika have ITL can be easily sarstrans, ale Mauger vlasnik very easy Qiu restrac saswati, yakscho won W him ozhogina. If the person snimaut iz restrac for RFQ of vlasnika, adresou . restrac STA addresses to individuals on mstioga samovryaduvannya.

Propanols dwellers stamp passport s mstem restrac stavise for bazhannyam individuals. Yakscho TSE ID card, posnack s mstem restrac Ter Buti got prebaceni, Hoca yakscho tsogo man, after an paperovi with iz restru nesrecno. If the address sminutes on the card cleat Nalco s new adresou.

Позбутися «прописки». Що пропонує нова модель реєстрації місця проживання

One of the innovations of reform – mozliwosci mother of two msca accommodation, odne s yakih vinacasa Yak smut. The words Tymoshchuk, ye people, that factual meshkayut have two communities, that povinn mother the right to vote in oboh on msavi elections.

Absurd Novo model has target “Green book” s proposals for the reform Uryadov schodo system msca accommodation. Stink takozh gotout the bill, that planuoti to maintain CNCA rock. Razi uchwalenie Parliament he has got conception pracowali vprodovzh rock.

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