“PR with goats and their milk”: video meal Zelensky in Mariupol were outraged by the network

«Пиар с козами и их молоком»: видео с трапезой Зеленского в Мариуполе возмутило сеть

© press-service of the President of Ukrainethe President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, which is, on 29 October, visited the investment forum in Mariupol, were treated to the local halva and dairy farm products. Video from the meeting the head of state and Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, with representatives of business, published “Public television of Donbass”
Entrepreneurs told Zelensky on projects and invited to try their products. First he suggested a cream halva that is served in cups and that the President was very taken.

Then he was presented with goat’s cheese and yogurt, which the President called “a bomb”. After tasting, he asked members of his delegation, is it possible to find funds for the development of this business.However, netizens did not appreciate such “play”. According to them, Zelensky spends their time on something that should.

“Zelensky is so passionate about the show that he even g…but on a stick you give him, he will say “bomb,””, “Yes is the country with nothing to do but PR with goats and their milk?”. “Maybe diarrhea attack” — responded in the comments of the Ukrainians.

However, there were users that rated a positive story and confirmed that the dairy products in Ukraine is delicious.

In addition, one commentator drew attention to the fact that milk treated Zelensky, the head of the companies “Colicroot” and WOPT Yuriy Ternavsky, who plays for the local development of the Mariupol market. Other users have confirmed his identity, noting that his production is “not a drop of milk — one chemistry.”

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