Practice the quad at White Lake

Pratiquer le quad au Lac Blanc

WHITE LAKE | the past few years, several outfitters have decided to join the fans of the quad by providing them with quality services, in a unique environment. Among these, we find the Camp of White Lake.

“I believe that we can offer to the lovers of quads a very interesting experience, both for those who own their vehicles as it is for someone who wants to discover this hobby,” says the director of sales and marketing of the camp Mr. Daniel Grenier.

“By working with the experts of this industry, we have been able to expand our offer in a very interesting way.”

To get to this outfitter, you must do so by the access trails of Saint-Élie de Caxton and Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, in the Mauricie region, if you are in the quad. By car, access is easily made through the Saint-Alexis-des-Monts.

On-site, you will discover an interesting offer both for housing and for services to food. There are huge chalets that can accommodate up to 10 people and a hostel with rooms. The dining room offers meals which have nothing to envy to the tables of many great restaurants.

“We have chosen to give the maximum, so that the people who come to us are able to live an experience they will remember for a long time ahead of the owner, Mr. Gaston Pellerin. We have created our own personality, which is our trademark. We always remember a stay with us.”

To have lived, this outfitter has been able to develop and become a must-see destination in this region.


For the people who would like to experience a stay at the outfitter and discover the practice of the quad on the spot, the rental of equipment is possible.

“We have six coast-to-coast. All our vehicles are new or almost, says Mr. Attic. This activity is always done guided, and it can be done at all seasons of the year. In the summer, we make trips of a duration of one hour, during which time the people discover the territory of the outfitter. If they want to do more, we offer a two-hour hike. In the winter, we can ride an hour, two, half-day and same-day on request. People have a safety course on the operation of the vehicle, and the rules to follow in trail. Nothing is left to chance so that the experience is perfect.”

The outfitter also contributes to the efforts of club volunteers of the Mauricie region, who maintain the trails that lead to his territory. There is a financial support and volunteer work on the trails by the folks at the outfitter.


The advantage of going to this camp for the quad, is that in addition to the residence, you can practice different activities very interesting.

“We have a range of opportunities for people who live among us. Just think of the indian encampment, where our guides make you discover the traditional tipi. There is also the activity trap, where people learn what is happening in this very special world with stories and a demonstration of pitfalls. It is also possible for people to practice fishing. We can rent all the necessary equipment. The experience of the famous Shore Lunch is also memorable,” says Mr. Attic.

Water activities are also on the menu with a beach, paddle boating, hiking, pontoon and more.

At the Outfitter pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, you will discover an exceptional site and a wide range of services that allow you to live a memorable stay. Everything has been thought for people who decide to go there, discover a place where a team of enthusiasts have only one goal : to ensure the best stay possible.

For more information: 1-819-265-4242 or



With the period of greatest heat that we are currently living, the utmost caution is required when hiking. It must be very well clothe yourself in order to avoid that the dust does not come bother you. Also, it is necessary to have with you water in good quantity, so you can hydrate as needed. It may happen that in some parts of the trails, the volunteers of the clubs are forced to change the route. It is very important to adhere to the temporary signage installed on the trail.


For many people, riding a quad or a side-by-side may seem very simple. However, if you don’t have the required knowledge, you could create problems. In order to avoid bad experiences, it is better to register for a driver training of the atv, given by an instructor certified FQCQ-ISAC, in your area. For all the details and the monitor nearest you, go to the following address : You will not regret your decision.

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