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Льготный переполох

In our yard dash: pensioners receive a receipt for communal new way: without specifying the benefits. Was stunned from the amount. The enlightened claim that the benefits are not canceled, they will be transferred to non-cash or cash form. Where to find the money? Who kick it up a notch, rushed to the housing office and other office system utilities. They were told that they are no longer in the business and sent to social security. It is good that we, the city, to social security three changes on public transport. Almost under the house. And the village-then what?

So, congratulations to all reform “nepoymi that”. With 01.10.2019 year all benefits in Ukraine monetized. However, this fact emerged only in November with the arrival of payment orders for October, where the lucky beneficiaries subsidiaty saw the full size of fees for municipal services excluding benefits. The figure is, frankly, shocking to the unaccustomed to see it in full population.

For reference. Eligible for subsidy are all citizens of Ukraine with low average monthly income (frankly, poor), and benefits only certain categories, whose family has not been more 2690 UAH.

The right to a discount above this amount are: persons with disabilities because of the war, the participants hostilities, the victims and participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster 1, 2 categories, military and veterans of other services who receive pension in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On pensions of persons discharged from military service and certain other persons”, the so-called “children of war”.

Ie the most healthy, vigorous and young citizens of the country. For them, the bills were a special surprise as they subsidies will not be issued and your benefits received “in status”. Therefore, contacts with the relevant services did not have before. And now they are “raped”. So they claim, anyway, feel, not knowing what to do next and where to go.

With “where to go” is also a problem. If before the recalculation was performed utility companies, now the bodies of social protection of the population. Adjustment coincided with the beginning of the second stage of monetization of subsidies. All for the “convenience” of the masses. They first ran there where it is not necessary. And only then where it should.
A large part went to the reformed mail, where to get a pension. They were asked: you wrote the statement on cash subsidies through “Ukrposhta”? We say that he did not write. Then answered them the postman, go to… No, nothing bad said. Sent to the Bank. For a start, was sent to more reformed “Oschadbank”, although it turned out that the authorized benefits may be other banks.

In JSC “Oschadbank” proudly reported that the contract with the Ministry they lead personalized records in appropriate automated systems of beneficiaries of funds that will be transferred to their accounts for grants. And it is a great honor for the Bank and a huge fucking confidence.

But… the old fart of the delegation explained that they again problemis the wrong address. Go to “Oschadbank” is not necessary! According to the decree of the Cabinet № 409, he will make debit from the account beneficiary in the accounts of the municipal enterprises providing services. But do it after the 20th. And to pay for communal services on the receipt with the full amount you need until the 20th, because Ukraine has already imposed a penalty and a penalty for late payment.

The question arose, where the heroic staff “Oschadbank”, dazed from the onslaught of happy retirees and other beneficiaries, must deduct the money that accrues to public utilities? Not from the ceiling? No, the account of each recipient of a grant.

And where does my account? Her “savings” creates automatically on the basis of social security. Oh, how interesting! The question arises: why benefits are not accrued automatically in the payment in November, if the second stage, not afraid of the word, monetization, was involved with October 1? Could have once a month razduplitsya and not to confuse people.

Could not! Not in the country live. In the SSA was waiting for… visit beneficiaries (though they told them not to come!), to obtain the statement, what form of subsidy is preferable to the individual citizen. Whether he chooses the cash on your card, details of which must be brought in the bodies of social protection. Either he’s a goof (in the words of our President), didn’t come in time, not place in line, did not, did not know, did not hear… Then he should transfer money to the account “oschadbanku”.

Well, here we have the whole court — Fuckers. No application for cash has not. I don’t understand why “Oschadbank” they do not have listed, nothing has brought and is going to cancel after you have to pay in full? What is the feature of the reform?

A partial answer to this question was found on the Bulletin Board of the reformed “Oschadbank”. The message was: “Given the scho vdovy mehanizm saprophagous in Ukraine vpershe through netochnosti difference in z technonic reasons mozhut Buti wypadki nanerhuan kramim ladies Sumi ply for October 2019 rock. At this Razi recomendamos should up on social Zahist population for MSAM accommodation. Suma plgi have this case for October bude dharahara in nastupnogo of the month”.

After reading, “walkers” realized that I needed to blow to social security and to ensure that they do not become a victim of “netochnosti difference in z technonic reasons”. In the bodies of social security they were met by the life-giving line of the same, as they are the lucky ones (stretching days commercials for 10 forward). And the locals explained to newcomers that “social security doesn’t drive empties”: it is necessary to come with all supporting documents, and payment system abonniere, passports and identification codes, it is possible for diversity to take the tests.
The cans and match boxes (joke). And this is only for verification databases.

But there is good news for beneficiaries, who were “technical error” exception will be made and penalties for these bills will not. But in the following…

Well, to fully understand the depth monetarization “reformism” a small sketch of the province. The picturesque Ukrainian village. On the edge of civilization. Zadok cherry Colo hut. The nearest “Oschadbank” 30 km, social security — 40 km, post “Kanga hybrid” arrives once a month from pensions and orders, the mobile phone takes only if to climb onto the roof of the Church.

The happy inhabitants of this village suddenly get a new receipt with doubled and tripled numbers of payments. Without any explanations, additions and dopisok at least small print. They are cheap to the core. Go to some local head on a nearby farm. He calls in the area, from the area he was sent to “Oschadbank”.

In “Oshchadbank” happily state that if the form for a grant did not indicate a mobile phone, the beneficiaries will receive not only SMS, but also do the “bauletti”. Because the phone number is a mandatory condition of monetization in the form of cash. Even if mobile coverage in the village is a problem. Silent scene performed by veterans of work, war and postwar reconstruction. Where there is Gogol’s “the Inspector”!

I have only one question arises in connection with the beginning of the second phase of the monetization of municipal privileges and subsidies: why? Why all this confusion necessary? Why not send people receipts with benefits as before? Or at least instructions what to do in the new environment?

Now what happened: most of the beneficiaries who received the full amount have to pay. And wait for reimbursement next month. But if the money is not trite? Yes, and where they come from in the middle of the month, if the pension is UAH 1497. was 20 days ago and all has already been spent on bread and medicine? Guys-be reformers of your mind? Why mock the stars out of his boss? Because the most common question that arises from confused beneficiaries, which is what we voted for?

P. S. And Ministry of social policy question: you are sure that 95% of the population are already familiar with monetizirovat system of benefits because of receipt of the Nov will not cause them surprise? If so, the remaining 5% is concentrated in our yard and in those distant villages where there live their relatives and friends, and whence, too, comes a loud SOS.

Egor Smirnov

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