Pregnant woman killed on boulevard Laurier: 32 months in prison for the driver with epilepsy

Femme enceinte tuée sur le boulevard Laurier: 32 mois de prison pour le conducteur épileptique

Convicted in the fall of 2019 of criminal negligence causing the death of a woman pregnant for 40 weeks, Jonathan Falardeau-Laroche has just been sentenced to a prison term of 32 months.

August 10, 2016, Falardeau-Laroche has taken the decision to drive his vehicle after he met with his doctor who was treating him for his problems with epilepsy.

Pregnant, Marie-Pier Gagné 27-year-old had to leave the CHUL and was on a pedestrian crossing of Laurier boulevard when she was struck and “violently projected into the air”.

Marie-Pier Won

In extremis, the doctors managed to save the small daughter of the victim by practicing on the mother an emergency caesarean section.

In addition to the prison sentence, judge Pierre Rousseau has pronounced against the accused prohibited from driving any motor vehicle, and for a period of up to five years to get out of his detention.

More details to come…

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