Prepare a natural remedy for rejuvenation of the neck

To avoid hanging balls.

Готуємо натуральний засіб для омолодження шиї

A lot of people want to look younger and for this effort. And in this pursuit of youth is important not to forget about skin care neck. The fact that in her state, you can know the real age of a person, because the presence of lines and wrinkles promotes the loss of contour of chin. The end result is you notice the rapid aging of the skin in the neck area and décolleté. But you will help a natural remedy for rejuvenation of the neck!

Готуємо натуральний засіб для омолодження шиї

But this can be avoided. And if you are determined to fight with their age, then you should read some recipes for skin care neck, and in the future — regularly to use them, reports Rus.Media.

So, some of them:

Recipe No. 1

We will need flour and yeast. Make the dough, stretch it and put his chest area and neck. The procedure lasts about thirty minutes. With this mask your skin will stay in “good shape” and in advance not droop.

Do it regularly for one month before you go to sleep with an interval of one day. Smart skin, you will enjoy six months. After this time, treatment is recommended to repeat. Mask is suitable for skin care face.

Recipe No. 2

An effective remedy for creases is mashed potatoes. Note that it should be warm. In mashed potatoes add one teaspoon of glycerin and olive oil.

Make a compress of warm mashed potatoes and wrap a warm scarf. To prevent contamination of the scarf under it lay the cellophane or parchment paper. The procedure lasts from fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash away a lot need heated water. The result will be visible after a few treatments.

Recipe No. 3

Take 200 g of water and add one tablespoon of lemon juice and rubbing alcohol, and salt in quantity of one teaspoon. Mix well. Thoroughly wash your neck and brush it with the returned liquid. No need to rinse off.

As soon as you feel the skin is dry, take nourishing cream and apply it on the neck. To achieve a positive result, the procedure should be done three times a week during the month.

Recipe No. 4

To get rid of the loss of elasticity of the chin and neck, you need to use saline. Take 200 g of water and dissolve in it one teaspoon of salt.

Moisten in this solution the bandage, folded in layers and put on areas of the skin with visible flaws. Over the wet bandage, apply a dry bandage. The procedure lasts approximately thirty minutes.

After carrying out such manipulations, you will get a great result. After all, your skin will become more elastic and your wrinkles will go! And most importantly, to achieve the desired result, you do not have to spend a lot of time.

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