Prepare a new deer site

Prepare a new deer site

The fever of white-tailed deer hunting begins to make itself felt among the 130,000 followers.

As with many other game harvesting activities, the preparations and knowledge gained in the field are often the key to the solution.

Many enthusiasts are always looking for game sites known to shelter large specimens, such as the Papineau-Labelle wildlife reserve.

This Sépaq's wildlife technician, Érik Constant, talks every fall with many clients who will try their luck in a new territory allocated during the draw or after late reservations resulting from cancellations or vacant places. Here are some good advice that he gives to these enthusiasts to guide them in their efforts to catch a beautiful deer:


The first step consists in carrying out a meticulous analysis of your territory with the maps of the wildlife reserve, with Google Earth or with open forest web GIS. “This essential study will help you target suitable places like natural funnels, forest transitions, swamps, etc. In addition, all group leaders receive a map record showing slaughter points for the past three years. These are valuable clues that will help you find your way around, ”explained the specialist interviewed.

Know your Territory

During your first visit to your territory, try to locate the accesses and targeted sectors on your maps as well as promising places such as crossroads, swamp edges, obvious signs of the presence of game, etc. Memorize the GPS positioning of interesting locations and install some spy cameras that will allow you to briefly assess the potential of the herd.

During a second survey, examine the snapshots recorded by your cameras and reposition them if necessary near better habitats. If the moose hunt is over, take the opportunity to bait interesting spots with apples and carrots. Analyze the winds and your positions based on them. As you research, also note a few places where you can stretch your legs and do some fine hunting when it rains.

If you can, once a week until the fateful date, come back to view the cameras and feed the sites with bait. A few days before your arrival, install the tents or watchtowers that will help you

blend into the background. Make sure you have a few extra spots in case the wind doesn't allow you to access a spot without revealing your presence.


The Papineau-Labelle reserve covers more than 1,628 km2, which is more than three times the total area of the island of Montreal. It is subdivided into 68 sectors ranging in size from 10 to 40 km2.

“This is not an area where an enthusiast can expect to see dozens and dozens of females a day and a lot of bucks. It is rather an area where the big ghosts of the forest come out on occasion if you have taken the necessary precautions ”, specified Michel Charbonneau, an expert who has frequented the place for more than 20 years and who has many mature males to his credit. Unlike the various public sectors where there are multiple hunting periods depending on the gear used, in this Eden which stands out for housing large breeders wearing huge plumes, there is only one time slot that s 'extends from November 2 to 21, regardless of whether you want to hunt with a bow, crossbow, black powder or others. Customers can opt for packages of 5.5, 7.5 and 9.5 hunting days. What is very interesting is that a maximum of three groups can exploit an area. There are even some where only one or two groups will be able to go there throughout the season.

Christian Lavoie, the reception services manager and his team have set up several hunting plans, such as exclusive territories with flexible dates, areas for mini groups of two people in a chalet, family specials and last minute , camping trips, simultaneous deer / bear or deer / moose combinations, etc.


According to Field Operations Manager, Joé Bélanger, “It is important to remember that some enthusiasts put in a lot of effort, however ignoring certain details that can completely ruin their hunting success, such as adjusting their hunting. weapon, the use of the same cartridges as the range, the positioning of the caches at least 100 meters away from the bait or a place frequented by the deer, the elimination of your body odor, etc. ”

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