Prepare a simple elixir of youth, using just honey and water

Готовим простой эликсир молодости, используя только мед и воду

I want to share with you the benefits of the useful properties of honey combined with water. The use of honey has a positive effect on the body produces an antibacterial effect, helps with heart pain, stomach ulcers, and also in the defense against cancerous diseases. Meet honey water, it is also the elixir of youth!

Honey water: simple elixir of youth

Heat the water, add a teaspoon of honey and stir thoroughly. That is so simple! It is important to know that honey has been used only a wooden spoon. Honey, when dissolved in water, creates a healing clusters. This compound is an irresistible mixture in the fight against the disease. In addition, the body without problems learns a mixture of water with honey.+

The mixture of water and honey helps improve the digestive system. It has a positive impact on different parts of the body. When you use honey water in humans, increased immunity, blood clots disappear excess mucus from the lungs. Also honey water can treat bronchitis.+

Drinking honey water every day will relieve the digestive system from bacteria and germs. Helps with internal bleeding and is able to cleanse the body of toxins.+

The drink is able to resolve processes in the colon. Microflora rejuvenated. Harmful bacteria are destroyed. Helps with cystitis and urge to urinary emission of the night. Honey water contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys.+

The optimal dose of the drink is the drink twice a day. First time in the morning before meals, the second – in the evening before going to bed. The kidneys will function much better.+

You need to drink slow SIPS, so that when the drink is not passed through the tract too quickly. Thus, his healing power evenly disperses through the blood vessels.+

Drink can significantly improve the condition of the skin. It is on the eyes becomes softer, and brighter. Few people know, but honey was one of the first cosmetics.+

Drink honey water and grow younger!

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