Preparing skin for make-up: main mistakes

What mistakes we make every day.

Підготовка шкіри до макіяжу: головні помилки

Beautiful and lasting make-up requires certain efforts and skills. Analyze the main mistakes in preparing the skin for application of decorative means, informs Rus.Media.

To cosmetic textures are not pushed, and the pigments were rich hue need to properly prepare the skin for makeup. This will extend the durability of all beauty products!

Too carefully clean the skin

We often talk about the fact that proper facial cleansing is essential to good makeup. How to do it? Don’t use too “aggressive” funds that will provoke skin damage. Products must not disrupt the normal hydrolipidic (water) balance and gently exfoliate dead skin particles. Universal scheme of cleansing foam and tonic.

Don’t use a moisturizer

A lot of girls with combination or oily skin don’t use moisturizer. And this is the main mistake, because it will not affect the production of sebum (skin oil), but it can provoke a “rolling” Foundation or any other Foundation. Apply some texture (heat in the palms), and the remainder dry with a paper towel.

Підготовка шкіри до макіяжу: головні помилки

I think that thermal water is not needed

Thermal water has many useful properties. It moisturizes, nourishes and prepares the skin for makeup (used as a fixing spray). Spray a little bit of funds after cleansing. This will enhance the penetration of all components cream.

Apply Foundation immediately after moisturizer

Moisten the skin with a moisturizer, and then give the formula some time to all active components able to act. After 5 minutes – apply Foundation or makeup base.

Base makeup: to skip or not?

The Foundation or base is a tool that helps to extend the durability of your makeup, ensure even skin tone and reduce pores. This product can accentuate flaking and “encumber” make-up. Therefore, it is not necessary to use this step every day, leave it for the big day!