CANDIDATURE The former presidential candidate of 2002 promised to submit to the citizens' initiative of the popular primary

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The former Keeper of the Seals, Christiane Taubira, during the formalization of her candidacy for the 2022 presidential election, at Croix-Rousse, in Lyon, on January 15, 2022. — JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/AFP

And one more! The former Keeper of the Seals, Christiane Taubira, has made it official. this Saturday at; Lyon his candidacy for; the presidential election, with the ambitious objective of bringing together a left that is more divided than ever, at the risk, however, of dividing it even further.

“I am a candidate for the the Presidency of the Republic” the former minister of François Hollande, wrapped in a parka on the heights of Lyon, during a militant rally for the union of the left, in the district of Croix-Rousse, a symbolic choice in the blink of an eye ;&eye to the Canuts, the former workers of this silk district.

“”Dialogue instead of moralizing and caporalizing”

“The pandemic has revealed a social suffering that struck all generations,” the former minister and former presidential candidate of 2002, claiming to want to respond “to the anger” in the face of “social injustice”, notably with the convening of a “conference on salaries”. The program she then sketched out is based on the defense of youth, social justice or even ecology.

“We want a government that knows how to mobilize our abilities instead of infantilizing us, that knows how to dialogue instead of moralizing, to caporalize,” the controversy over the words of President Emmanuel Macron who said he wanted to “piss the unvaccinated” against Covid-19.

The former Keeper of the Seals of François Hollande, known in particular for the law recognizing slavery as a crime against humanity. and his fight for the opening of marriage to homosexual couples, thus puts an end to the the expectation it had aroused; among some left-wing voters on December 17, announcing “consider” to be a candidate, facing “the impasse” of a fragmented left.

It “ adds confusion to your ; the division”

Less than three months from the presidential election, can she succeed in winning? to make the union which has hitherto failed, while some socialists still regard it as having contributed by his candidacy for; the eviction of Lionel Jospin in the first round of the 2002 presidential election? She had then only won 2.32 % of the vote. His entry into the arena a month ago did not arouse much interest. for the moment of breakthrough in the voting intentions, despite the popular fervor it enjoys in the field.

And his candidacy “adds confusion to the division” according to his detractors, while five other candidates are already in the running. in contention, without succeeding in s’impose : the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the ecologist Yannick Jadot, the socialist Anne Hidalgo, the communist Fabien Roussel and the cantor of the “Remontada ” of France Arnaud Montebourg, close to abandonment.

Submission to; the popular primary

Christiane Taubira has promised to submit to the citizens' initiative of the popular primary, an “investiture” by left-wing voters – 120,000 registered to vote –, whatever the outcome. Even if her supporters pretend to believe that nothing is won, she is the favorite of the popular primary, especially as the other left-wing candidates whose names will also be proposed to the public. this election this Saturday, all refused to submit.

Even Anne Hidalgo, in great difficulty in the polls, which pleaded for a primary to grave; left, finally gave up, noting the refusal of its competitors, and in particular of Yannick Jadot, to accept this approach. Former PS rebel Christian Paul, who is campaigning for his side, makes him “the bet” that in February, “if the potential for enthusiasm translates into voting intention” in the polls, “several candidates will draw the consequences of the result of the primary”.

“No worries”

Already Strengthened by the support of the more than 80 committees that bear her name and created long before she embarked on the battle, Christiane Taubira sees people arriving “every day who are demonstrating to participate,” including “well-known filmmakers,” said a relative. She”s “not worried” no longer on sponsorships, assures his entourage. “A number of elected leftists, beyond of the PRG, support her approach, it is said.

The Guyanese candidate has already managed to convince the PS president of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, Marie-Guite Dufay. And the PS mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, announced; that he would support the winner of the popular primary. But “there is no dueling,” adjust” with the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, assure the relatives of Christiane Taubira.

Guest of the 20 Hours of France 2 this Saturday evening, the now candidate will present more its program, which will contain “surprises and new ideas”, but “without being a La Redoute or Ikéa catalog of 1,000 proposals”.